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--- Quote from: ran4sh on October 18, 2021, 08:52:35 PM ---One of the Interstate standards is that the road continues as standard quality all the way to a logical point such as an urban area or Interstate junction. It would not be compliant to post the road as Interstate for short segments and non-interstate for other segments.

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It would be fine to use "TO" shields.

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Or "Future?"

North Carolina's Future I-26 signage used the traditional RWB shield-shaped marker, but without the word "Interstate" in the red portion.

Kentucky has used a full interstate marker in a green sign with "Future I-66 Corridor" or "Future I-69 Corridor" text.

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There's probably a few ancient "Future Interstate 86" signs left along the corridor from 20 years ago, but they should just post Future 86 markers as you described. Or "To 86". If folks survived with gaps in the interstate system while it was being built in the 50s and 60s, I'm sure they can deal with a few gaps in one interstate in one state without driving off the road.


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--- Quote from: TheDon102 on October 19, 2021, 07:44:57 AM ---Genuinely asking but is legoland that big of a deal? I mean its not disneyworld right? I'm surprised that we might actually get a widening because of that development

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A widening was warranted before Legoland. It's the busiest 4-lane freeway in the state north of the Cross Westchester and busier than any 4-lane segment of the Thruway.

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Yes, and also yes. Legoland, relative to its location, is a comparatively big draw, at least for folks from elsewhere in the region. (Now, how does it stack up against other theme parks, purely as an attraction? We can get into that another time…)

And in addition, NY 17 was already underpowered and is best avoided at certain times of the day/week. Orange County, in general, suffers from a type of exurban congestion that's noticeably distinct (from, say, Dutchess County), but a little hard to describe.

Looks like this project has government support again.  I found this in Hochul's policy book released with the state of the state:

--- Quote ---Strategic   investments   in   the   Mid-Hudson   Valley   have   resulted   in   the   expansion   of   
Woodbury   Common   and   the   construction   of   Legoland   and   the   Resorts   World   
Catskills   Casino.   Over   the   past   several   years,   projects   have   been   completed   by   
NYSDOT to   upgrade   sections   of   Route   17,   including   reconstruction   of   the   
interchange   at   Exit   131,   where   Route   17   meets   Interstate   87   and Route   32   
(Woodbury   Common),   and   reconstruction   of   Exits   122   and   125   (Legoland)   to   meet   
interstate   standards.   To   facilitate   future   economic   competitiveness   and   alleviate   
congestion   within   the   region,   the   State   will   begin   an   environmental   review   to   assess   
the   conversion   of   the   full   Route   17   corridor   in   Orange   and   Sullivan   counties   to   
Interstate   86.

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--- Quote from: vdeane on January 09, 2022, 08:48:58 PM ---Looks like this project has government support again.  I found this in Hochul's policy book released with the state of the state:

--- Quote ---StrategicinvestmentsintheMid-HudsonValleyhaveresultedintheexpansionof
NYSDOT toupgradesectionsofRoute17,includingreconstructionofthe
interchangeatExit131,whereRoute17meetsInterstate87and Route32

--- End quote ---

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That's like saying Cuomo supported the Rooftop.

Well, from Roscoe east, then. I'd be fine if there were two disconnected I-86 segments with "TO" banners in between. Not that much different than when I was on the West Virginia Turnpike in the 1980s when it was signed with "TO" I-64/77.


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