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Puget Sound Gateway Program (WA-167 and WA-509 Extensions)

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Yikes, those don't seem like they are going to be useful at all. They honestly don't look radically different than some yellow lines.

I think they need to be more in-your-face. Something like Ontario, where everything is orange. Cattle chute roadways with tiny shoulders, narrowed lanes...these are not exclusive to construction zones anymore (eg. parts of the new northbound 167 with the HOV lane). Besides the "road work ahead" sign, I'm not sure many people even know they are in work zones sometimes. These orange markings are not impactful enough.

Meh.  Given South Carolina's somewhat recent experience, cattle chutes seem like a safety concern in of themselves.

Quite a lot of construction is now progressing on the stretch of the 509 Spur (or is it 167?) between I-5 and [actual] 509 in Fife (see whole album):

A temporary channel for Hylebos Creek in Fife by Washington State Dept of Transportation, on Flickr

More, more and more dirt by Washington State Dept of Transportation, on Flickr

WSDOT posted this photo (below) to their Flickr with an interesting description:

--- Quote from: WSDOT on Flickr ---You may also notice, directly to the left of the overpass, is a closed off tunnel. That tunnel was a city of SeaTac project that is a forward compatible feature for a possible future direct link to Sea-Tac Airport.

--- End quote ---

I had always wondered what the point of that tunnel was, and now we know. I guess it would be for a one-way ramp connection from the future southern Airport Expressway.

SR 509 future connection to 24th Avenue South in SeaTac, WA by Washington State Dept of Transportation, on Flickr


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