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Author Topic: Massachusetts  (Read 453997 times)


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Re: Massachusetts
« Reply #2150 on: May 23, 2023, 11:15:55 PM »

There's a good chance I-84 is complete... I drove I-84 East a couple weeks ago and it was done, and saw new signs in the rear-view.  So it may be done.

Link to my I-84 MA album:
I saw those new I-84 signs during my Easter visit to my brother's.

Kudos for the fabricators for not squishing the I-90 numerals together nor mis-positioning them (usually too high with respect to the top blue part of the I-shield).  I still would've preferred a darker shade of blue used on the shields (per the predecessor signs) for better contrast/readability.

There appears to be some inconsistency with the control city selection & order for those I-84 eastbound signs.  The majority of the new pull-through signs (not including the earlier APLs) use an Albany, NY/Boston combination except for one sign prior to the US 20 westbound ramp (Exit 6B) where the control city combination is the reverse and the Boston legend is spaced too low (it's literally sitting on top of the Albany, NY legend. 

Additionally, the new ramp signage for I-84 eastbound off US 20 still uses a Boston/Springfield combination.

Why the inconsistency for signs that were in the same contract/construction package?

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