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OTA posts Clearview meatcleaver

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Photo by Eric Stuve. All I can say is, wow.  :-o

And of course that  makes it horribly off-spec... 3 digit (or 2 plus suffix) routes are supposed to be in Series B. The Clearview equivalent would be Series 1. And of course the suffix is supposed to be smaller than the route number...

Great find, Eric.

Thanks Scott. It seems like Clearview is more common in northeast Oklahoma than any other section of the state. A bunch of signs in Tulsa along I-44 & I-244 are now Clearview, too. About the only places in Oklahoma City that I've seen Clearview is along Lincoln Blvd. near the State Capitol, and along I-40 between Morgan Road and MacArthur.

I've seen some Clearview on I-235 as well. Also, a lot of big white Clearview signs were posted along the Interstates throughout the state reminding you to move out of the way of emergency vehicles–there's one just north of my interchange.

Clearview used to really irritate me but I forced myself to get used to it by making up a bunch of signs at work in it. (So if you ever find yourself in a fast food restaurant with Clearview signage, now you'll know why...) Now it doesn't bother me at fact I may be getting attached to it! (It helps that a lot of the new Clearview signs are laid out better than the FHWA Series signs!)

I've slowly gotten used to it. Not that I like it, but it is fast becoming the norm.

What does the "no refund" sign mean?


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