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Florida instead builds a whole new set of lanes to the side. In Tampa they've bought and wrecked a whole adjacent city block, on I-4 east and I-275 west of downtown.

Don't forget that traffic in metro Detroit isn't exactly at its peak, and hasn't been in a few years, thanks to the economy.

When I-75 was closed, they had signs all over the place, including south of Toledo, OH warning drivers of the closure. They also directed drivers up US-23 and I-275 well before the closure; they could then easily get to points along I-75 by cutting over on I-94, I-96, or I-696.

Not here in O-town!  If I-4 gets shut down, and everyday there is some major accident that does, the streets around it, including US 17 & 92 get completely clogged.

Hey just the other day a tractor trailer jackknifed in the rain and had I-4 shut down around the Michigan Street.  It had extra traffic along Michigan Street Westbound (that never has any traffic around 6 AM)in the early morning.  I travel that route every day and when I saw it I knew right away that something happened on I-4. 

If that particular accident even happened during the day even off peak around noon, Michigan Street would be a nightmare as it has heavy volume to begin with all day long.  Then if a train came by and crossed Michigan( there is an at grade rail crossing just east of I-4 with frequent freight traffic), it would be ten times worse!  As we know, railroads have the right away over motor roads, and do not have to schedule trains around commuters busy schedules.   

Anyway, I guess we can say different practices have to happen in different metro areas.  Add the politics of the engineers and it becomes even more interesting.

A quick question that just came to my mind while I was checking something else in the area - Are, or were, there plans to develop a transport corridor between I-196 at M-21 (interchange 69, with that wide spot in median and an unusual interchange layout) and the wide spot in the median of I-96 just west of Fruit Ridge Ave (interchange 26) on the west side of the Grand Rapids area?  IMHO, this would very nicely complement the recently built M-6 and complete a good metro area 'beltline'.



The LSJ had an article about the recently-rebuilt stretch of Michigan Avenue in Lansing and East Lansing:

Need direction? Reworked Michigan Avenue stretch is filled with signs


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