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New LA milepost

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Wow I really like those new mileposts!  And the best part is we got nice ones like the rest of the country has! 

/glad to see that's a standard milepost on I-10 and same as the MP 304 pic above.

Michigan's got them, they're replacing all milepost with them. There are actually two types here, the rural type that look like the pics and an urban version that are posted every 2/10 of a mile.



--- Quote from: mightyace on June 09, 2009, 02:03:45 PM ---^^ It's not just the southeast.  I've seen that style of mile marker popping up on I-80 in Pennsylvania.

--- End quote ---

I-79 has several of them as well.

They recently put some 1/10th mile markers on I-20 in Monroe on the Ouachita River bridge.  They are smaller than std milepost signs w/o the interstate shield.


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