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74/171FAN:  HOT lanes could soon be coming to I-85 in Gwinnett County to help those that want to see the Gwinnett Braves pay a toll to get there faster :-D(this could be a part of it)

Man, there are already like 14 - 16 lanes through there.


--- Quote from: Chris on May 28, 2009, 04:46:34 PM ---Man, there are already like 14 - 16 lanes through there.

--- End quote ---

The article said that they are tolling (converting) existing HOV lanes.  So, there should be no new lanes there.

I heard about that on the news. I don't like that, tolling lanes built with public monies. I'm not sure if anyone would pay for using the HOV lanes, when some are using them illegally already.

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Experience elsewhere indicates that:

A) violation rate drops with converting HOV to HO/T.

B) there are some people who would pay a toll to avoid congestion, because they value their time greater than that of the toll.

HO/T lanes include variable-rate pricing...which (most of the time) guarnatees free-flow in the HO/T lanes.  HOVs of course can ride for free and not have to worry about the toll at all.


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