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 on: Today at 09:10:36 AM 
Started by ZLoth - Last post by Rothman

Though I will say, although I miss the lack of responsibility I had as a kid, and the lack of things I have to do, I can't say I miss it in its entirely. Between anxiety and the parents I have, I found myself kind of... forced into a box, being I really think I'm better off on my own, when I don't have a reputation to hold up in a school setting, or having to conform to the standards and practices of those who support me.

You're still a kid. :D

I would say reputation becomes even more important in the workplace, but in a better way.  In my experience, a good reputation in the workplace is more built upon one's demonstrated skills rather than how one navigates socially.  Of course, using one's reputation to generate more income is a separate matter...

 on: Today at 09:09:38 AM 
Started by MDOTFanFB - Last post by KelleyCook
I've got so many questions about this that I really don't even know how to properly word them. How? Where? Why? When?

I understand this would be a "first of its kind" type of project. Of course there's going to be many unknowns to answer. But you can call me very skeptical of this.

Yeah me too.  Now that I know about it, I plan on going to the meeting and being That Guy.

Even the press release makes it sound like a total scam that would be guaranteed to be outdated before ground is even broken on it.

 on: Today at 09:08:02 AM 
Started by roadman65 - Last post by wanderer2575
Gonna jump to one of the weirder examples first, in Juneau Alaska:


I've always found J-shaped signal poles interesting; they're totally needless, but I guess they get the left turn signal in better eyeshot of the left turn lane?

That's always been my assumption.  A lower signal means the driver need not crane his/her neck to see it.  It's over a median with no traffic, so no clearance issue.

 on: Today at 09:07:20 AM 
Started by 1 - Last post by formulanone
Illinois 130 in Newton:

 on: Today at 08:19:17 AM 
Started by Grzrd - Last post by sprjus4
^ At the very least, upgrading US-79 would provide an interstate highway connector between I-69 and I-20 going into Shreveport.

Regardless of whatever happens with I-369, I see a number of trucks use this route to cut over to both Shreveport and those ultimately bound to I-20 East. It should at least be four lanes divided.

In terms of mileage, US-79 / I-20 / I-220 / I-49 is only 10 miles longer than US-59. Travel times are both equal or off by +/- 1 minute. Upgrading US-79 to a 75 mph (currently has a 55-65 mph posted) would shave off around 7 minutes.

Itís a better investment for TxDOT, IMO. Improves the connection to I-20 East and Shreveport, and provides an outlet to I-49 North reducing the need to upgrade US-59, saving at least 70 miles of redundant construction. If some trucks still desire to shave 10 miles and follow 100 miles of arterial roadway, thatís not enough of a reason IMO to pour the money in, unless itís significant enough itís still causing bottlenecks.

 on: Today at 08:14:51 AM 
Started by kendancy66 - Last post by NWI_Irish96
3rd in points right now, but still have 7 of my Elite Eight and my entire Final Four left so not too bad all things considered.

 on: Today at 08:06:40 AM 
Started by Max Rockatansky - Last post by Max Rockatansky
The communities of Benbow, Garberville and Redway can all be found along US Route 101 within southern Humboldt County.  The former surface alignment of US Route 101 in Garberville and Redway once crossed the Garberville Bluffs along what is now Redwood Drive via a corridor constructed as part of the Redwood Highway during the 1910s.  US Route 101 through Benbow, Garberville and Redway was modernized by 1935.  US Route 101 would eventually be upgraded to freeway standards in Benbow, Garberville and Redway by extension of the Redwood Freeway during 1966-68.  As the cover photo the original grade of US Route 101 and the Redwood Highway can be seen at the Garberville Bluffs during 1934.


 on: Today at 07:55:40 AM 
Started by ZLoth - Last post by epzik8
I pay all of my bills online, but that doesn't get rid of any of the stress of doing so.

 on: Today at 06:49:42 AM 
Started by roadman65 - Last post by Rothman
Stumbled across Biproads twitter. I get bad vibes from it.
Heh.  The fact Biproads is on Twitter stupefies me. :D 

 on: Today at 06:45:51 AM 
Started by planxtymcgillicuddy - Last post by Amaury
Sun-faded road signs, especially in Texas and California. Especially the ones that carry important information like "no right turn" because the one-way frontage road is known for it's high-speed drivers.

A few examples in Washington:


https://goo.gl/maps/Dw8V6drKyCRM6wXJ7 (Not exactly faded, but sun-damaged. Still legible, but could be replaced, as the posts need to be straightened out, anyway.)

https://goo.gl/maps/e3hGhCHYw9gEcGLcA (You can actually make out the text in person, but yeah. Bonus: Both Freeway Entrance signs fell over sometime between September 2012 and October 2018 and have yet to be replaced.)

On the 6th, I noticed this one finally got a new I-90 sticker. I don't know exactly when it got replaced, but it was sometime this year: https://goo.gl/maps/Cc6iyD7sbtPakreu5

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