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New account from a Dutch guy

Started by Hensepens, June 19, 2009, 02:30:18 PM

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Well, as I'm just new on this forum. A small introduction.

I'm from The Netherlands and heard from this forum in a Dutch highway forum. As I understood some of them are already here.

I'm living in Hoofddorp which is in the western part of The Netherlands. Just to the west of Schiphol Amsterdam Airport and south of Amsterdam. Married and one daughter.
I'm interested in highways for years and hope to read (and anticipate in discussions)about US high- and freeways in this forum in the time to come.

My experiences with US highways are limited to one holiday in 1989 in the Washington DC area. I stayed for 3 weeks in Falls Church (VA) and rented a car for almost 3 weeks. Time enough to drive the different highways.




I enjoy seeing an increase in participation from outside of North America and the perspective of how transportation is handled around the world.
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I'm out of this F***KING PLACE!


Thanks for the welcome.  :D


We seem to be attracting a large amount of Dutch people. That's cool! :D Glad to have you aboard!
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Well I think that is because one of the moderators of the Dutch highway forum is making some advertisements for this forum.  :clap:

And because I liked Cars about route 66 of course  :)


You do realize it's called I-40 now, right?

*ducks*  :P
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I knew I was missing something.  :hmm:

Lesson learned: never trust animation.

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