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Facilities that states build for Testing

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Kentucky used to do striping tests on I-64 near Frankfort -- east of town on a concrete surface, and west of town on an asphalt surface.

There was some sort of test area, the nature of which I don't remember, on US 127 between Lawrenceburg and Harrodsburg a few years ago. There were even some signs noting it.

You used to occasionally see different pavement types tested in Kentucky, with signs marking the test areas. Haven't seen one of them in awhile.


--- Quote from: Georgia on November 22, 2022, 12:47:21 AM ---NCAT test track outside of Auburn, AL,-85.3026135,777m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x888ceaed1fcf4849:0x3fd3f10fa7488e83!8m2!3d32.5983622!4d-85.2969827

--- End quote ---
I've been to this one a couple times.  Company sends its pavement inspection vans down there once a year for certification.

But in the future, I think we're going to start using a new one a little closer to HQ.
Illinois has just finished a new pavement testing facility using the never-used eastbound carriageway for US 50 between Trenton and Aviston.  Located here:,-449.64029&z=16&t=S
If you have Google Earth, you can toggle on historic aerials and actually see newer images that show the nearly completed facility.  Looks a bit like a drag strip or small town airport runway.
Certainly the most interesting such facility from a roadgeek perspective since it's utilizing space from a canceled freeway project.  US 50 was already an interesting showcase of oddities stemming from the aborted plans to build a freeway there, this just adds to it.  I can just imagine motorists watching construction of this facility in the last year or two and thinking, "Hey, maybe they're gonna actually build that freeway my grandpa was talking about!" :-D


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