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Bridges of the Mississippi Site

Started by SEWIGuy, April 25, 2024, 03:35:17 PM

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I don't know if this is old news or a mistake., but looks as though John Week's site on the bridges of the Mississippi is no longer. Even though Wikipedia replicated much of what was there, it was a great site.


Bummer! I hope the site is only transitioning to a new server, but it hasn't been updated in so long that it appears likely to be gone for good.

Looked up the domain registration and it was updated on April 23, but the domain name expiration is February 21, 2027. That coincides with the establishment of February 21, 2000. So it was prepaid for several years, but maybe the hosting expired and GoDaddy has it with parking until new hosting is established? And if it is not, the parking will extend until 2027, but the site remans dead.

The registration uses Domains by Proxy to conceal the registration information, which is a GoDaddy service that I also use for AARoads. He might have prepaid for that as well.

I'll have to delink the citation URL's from AARoads to at some point.


That's a fairly recent development.  I was perusing his website last week.


So does this mean there are now a bunch of dead links on Wikipedia?
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