Downtown Wilmington Delaware I-95 Reconstruction Project.

Started by Tonytone, October 09, 2018, 02:52:14 PM

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I'm not sure why Broad Street to I-76 was built with 6 lanes, but 1990s traffic projections back in the early 1970s may have indicated that it would be adequate.
6 lanes between Broad and I-76 is probably okay. I-95 really needs to be 10 lanes from I-676 north for some distance and 8 lanes all the way up to PA 413, if not into the I-276 interchange.
2017 traffic volumes for I-95 between the PHL airport and Center City are in the 109,000 to 126,000 AADT range.

Considering the huge population of this metro, that is not bad (again probably half of what AADT would be if no bypass in DE/NJ), and given the cost of widening those long elevated sections, I wouldn't put a lot of priority on it at this point.
Alps wasn't referring to that particular stretch of I-95 with his widening recommendation.  That same 2017 traffic volume map shows I-95 between I-676 and Academy Rd. ranging from 178,000 to 199,000 AADT depending on location.  One, but certainly not the only, reason for those high volumes is due to the absence of the proposed Tacony/Pulaski and Ten-Mile-Loop Expressways.  Plans fro both of those were scrapped circa 1977.  Those expressways would've diverted a portion of that I-95 traffic.
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