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Rural Freeways That Need Six Lanes

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The goal here is to get a complete list, by state, of rural four-lane freeways that need six lanes now or will within the next 10-15 years. Generally, volumes on a given stretch must be above 30K in order to be considered for six-laning. Please include traffic volume counts (AADT) with your submissions if possible; most states have these numbers available online.

Submissions for freeways within a metro area must (a) be open to trucks, and (b) carry a significant percentage of long-distance, non-commuting, through traffic. An interstate shield is preferred, but not required.

If a six-laning is currently under construction or officially proposed by the state DOT, please note it as such. Any six-laning substantially complete by winter 2018-2019 need not be included.

I'll follow up with the beginnings of a list for NY and PA,  and keep it updated as we go!

Max Rockatansky:
Any part of the CA 99 Freeway that is four lanes ought to be six at minimum. There are four stretches that come to mind:

-  Delano to Tulare
-  Fresno to just north of Madera
-  Merced to Turlock
-  Lodi to Elk Grove

MN: I-94, St. Michael to Clearwater (there is progress being made toward this)

WI: I-90/94, Tomah to I-39, or at least Dells - I-39

I-57, north of Marion, IL to Mt Vernon/I-64.

IDOT has proposed, and around Marion is done, and the next few miles north of Marion are planned.

The whole segment is needed. IDOT/State of IL has to find the money, first

Also, I-55 in/around Springfield, where the ridiculous 4 lane segment exists between 6 lane segments both north and south of town. No idea if IDOT has plans on that one

New York

I-81 from Exit 15/US 20/Lafayette to Exit 16A/I-481/Syracuse.
Length: 8 miles. AADT: 37,125 (south of US 11), 40,265 (north of US 11).

I-86 from Exit 116/NY 17K/Bloomingburg to Southern Terminus at I-87.
Length: 25 miles. Max AADT: 60,506 at Woodbury. Min AADT: 34,357 at Bloomingburg.

I-87 (NY Thruway) from Exit 16/I-86/Harriman to Exit 23/I-787/Albany.
Length: 95 miles. Max AADT: 48,019 at Harriman. Min AADT: 34,648 at Catskill.

I-90 (NY Thruway) from Exit 57/NY 75/Hamburg to Lackawanna Toll Barrier.
Length: 7 miles. AADT: 36,350 (southwest of NY 179), 40,206 (northeast of NY 179).

I-90 (NY Thruway) from Williamsville Toll Barrier to Exit 33/NY 365/Verona.
Note: There are two segments (Exit 47 to 46, and Exit 35 to 34A) where volumes fall below 30K. I am including them anyway for consistency.
Length: 167 miles. Max AADT: 50,729 at Williamsville. Min AADT: 30,729 immediately east of I-81.

I-490 from Exit 25/NY 31F/Fairport to Exit 27/NY 96/Bushnell Basin.
Length: 4 miles. :banghead:
AADT: 72,453 (northwest of NY 31), 61,196 (southeast of NY 31).

Long-term, say as part of a 50-year plan, I would include the entire mainline Thruway, I-81 from Binghamton to Syracuse, and I-86 from I-390 to Corning (the theoretical I-83/I-86 multiplex!  :-P).


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