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Columbus, OH (10/16-17)

Started by someone17, October 20, 2022, 01:10:14 AM

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It is currently fall break for me and my father and I took a short little vacation to Columbus because we needed a trip.

Trip history:

IN 56/62 > US 421
US 421 > US 50
US 50 > I-275
I-275 > I-71
I-71 > I-70/71
I-70/71 > I-670
I-670 > I-270
> exit

Between the arrival and departure in Columbus, we traveled within the city, mainly using side streets. Freeways are boring and unscenic.

We did, however, travel on OH-4 and OH-315.

I'm not exactly sure on how to end this post but it ends here

Hot Rod Hootenanny

Did you see....
Morse Rd?
High St?
Broad St?
National Rd?
Ohio State Univ?
Columbus State?
Please, don't sue Alex & Andy over what I wrote above

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