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Author Topic: Columbus, OH (10/16-17)  (Read 314 times)


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Columbus, OH (10/16-17)
« on: October 20, 2022, 01:10:14 AM »

It is currently fall break for me and my father and I took a short little vacation to Columbus because we needed a trip.

Trip history:

IN 56/62 > US 421
US 421 > US 50
US 50 > I-275
I-275 > I-71
I-71 > I-70/71
I-70/71 > I-670
I-670 > I-270
> exit

Between the arrival and departure in Columbus, we traveled within the city, mainly using side streets. Freeways are boring and unscenic.

We did, however, travel on OH-4 and OH-315.

I'm not exactly sure on how to end this post but it ends here

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Re: Columbus, OH (10/16-17)
« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2022, 10:22:37 PM »

Did you see....
Morse Rd?
High St?
Broad St?
National Rd?
Ohio State Univ?
Columbus State?
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