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Old Boston Central Artery pics?

Started by Mergingtraffic, July 04, 2009, 09:59:57 PM

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Anybody have any pics of the old central artery (I-93) in Boston?  I know the old artery had some really cool old signage and other features. Or any new pics of the new underground tunnel?

Is I-93 really 5-lanes up there?  I saw a pic of the tunnel entrance and it was only 3.  maybe i'm thinking of the wrong pic.

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There are a very few photos on my I-93 page, but unfortunately I was too new to having a camera to have thought about it properly and gotten more while I was up there.  I-93 was only ever 3 lanes in each direction up on the viaduct.  You can see a bit of it at (and link around to other Big Dig pages).


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I know the feeling about roads which no longer exist. I've driven along some of them all the time and never took any pictures when I had the opportunity.
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If you Google "Boston Central Artery" and click on the "image results" link, several of the pictures are of the old Artery.  Most of the views are long shots, so it's difficult to see the signage.
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I had to do some digging to find it on gribblenation via google, but I found Doug Kerr's Interstate 93 road trip page which has some old Central Artery photos.


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