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What brand of toilet paper have you been buying during the pandemic?

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Max Rockatansky:

--- Quote from: abefroman329 on October 13, 2021, 02:26:16 PM ---
--- Quote from: J N Winkler on October 13, 2021, 02:02:59 PM ---I chose "Other" (meaning "None")
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--- Quote from: J N Winkler on October 13, 2021, 02:02:59 PM ---since we are still working through an overstockage of paper goods (not just toilet paper, but also paper towels) that pre-dates the pandemic by at least four years.

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I mean, it isnít hypothetically impossible there will be answers that donít actual include a toilet paper.  There are several different ways clean your back side other than toilet paper. 

I guess we're volunteering enough personal information so now we're being asked directly. Have a road photo:

I sense some desperation in coming up with new Forum topics.

And where are the poll options for corncobs and the old Sears Roebuck catalog?

Same as before the pandemic: Charmin. There was a brief period last year when the grocery store was out of Charmin (and almost all other brands) and I bought one package of a Canadian brand I'd never heard of before just to tide us over in case we needed some, but that was the only problem we had.

My mom complained that the grocery store she patronizes was completely out of TP last week. She came over for dinner Saturday, so we gave her a package of Charmin we got at Wegmans.

Been stealing it from work.   :bigass:

We use Rough-n-Ready brand ... made from 100% unprocessed wood pulp.

We formerly used 1-ply, but it was way too easy to get in touch with your inner self.   :-o


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