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In non-cancellation news, there's also a contest to name the next Olympic-class ferry (which will be a diesel-electric hybrid that carries 144 cars).

The deadline was yesterday, so we'll be seeing the first proposals under review in a few weeks:

Generally, ferries are named for local Coast Salish tribes or geographic locations, continuing a tradition set by the Black Ball Line before it was acquired by the state to become the modern ferry system in 1951. One of the more serious proposals I've seen is "Snoqualmie", after the tribe of the same name.

A few of the comical entries found by The Seattle Times:

--- Quote ---Geoduck.



Big Foot.

Big Face.

The Sound and Fury.

King Felix.

Dixy Lee Ray.



George Washington Bush.

The Hendrix.

Boaty McBoatface or Ferry McFerryface or Floaty McBoaty.

Ivar Haglund. [eccentric owner of the Ivar's seafood chain]

Taxme McTaxme Face.

Jay Loves Suzy.

Gertrude, “to honor Seattle’s earliest cross dresser.”  [a reference to the JP Patches Show]

Louie, Louie. [once proposed as the state song]

--- End quote ---

Not all of those strike me as comical. I kind of like "Gertrude," "Dixy Lee Ray," "King Felix," and "Ivar Haglund."

Looks like there's going to be schedule reductions instead of just cancelling random runs:


--- Quote from: Bruce on October 13, 2021, 08:37:04 PM ---Looks like there's going to be schedule reductions instead of just cancelling random runs:

--- End quote ---

The new schedule is pretty rough, I was very glad that I managed to just make the 10:20 am ferry from Edmonds on Monday by about 6 cars, else I would have had to wait until 11:55!  :no:


--- Quote ---Dixy Lee Ray
--- End quote ---

God no.  Worst governor in recent memory.


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