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Peoria, Illinois road meet: September 23, 2023

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This fall, my next road meet will check out bridges, freeways, and other road sights in this surprisingly scenic region of central Illinois. Let me know above which dates work for you.

Nikolai, if you need any help with the Peoria meet, I've been down there for work a lot over the past decade and know quite a bit of the area.

This one seems very unlikely for me to attend at this point.  I see myself as taking too much time off work, and I'd prefer to figure out how to get myself to Tom's Bakersfield Meet next Spring above this and even the mystery meet that should be announced any day.

Since the poll has stabilized and October 21 is no longer a convenient date for me, I'm going to choose Saturday, September 23 for the Peoria road meet.

We'll start the tour off by meeting at 11:30 for lunch at Steak 'n Shake in East Peoria. A staple of central Illinois, this Steak 'n Shake location provides a view of Peoria's skyline and bridges.

I'll share our complete meet plans this summer.

Peoria is a little more than a month away! Here are all the details.

Here's a map of the attractions we'll be seeing.

We'll begin with lunch at 11:30 at Steak 'n Shake in East Peoria, and start the meet at the nearby East Peoria River Front Park around 12:30.

RSVP in the Facebook event or just let me know you're attending here.


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