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So, I found this image on Flickr, with a sign in the background:

It's this sign: Although it's currently broken and needs repairs, which I've mentioned. Anyway, I'm trying to figure out when this image was taken, because the alignment of the road is completely different, And even if I go back to earlier Google Maps captures, to before they did all that work in that section of I-90, taking out the snowshed and all that, that doesn't help, because it appears that sign was installed after the improvements in the area. At the very least, I can't find where it would be before the changes:

The Flickr page says it was taken in 2003 (albeit on a default date). It matches the general timeline for the massive, slow-moving expansion and rebuild of the Snoqualmie Pass East project, which began in 2009 and is set to wrap up in 2029 (or a bit later).

There's no 2009 capture on Google Maps, so I wonder if that was a temporary alignment while they did that phase of the work, like how the eastbound lanes are temporarily on the same side as the westbound lanes right now in the Easton area, where they're normally separated with an "island" of trees. But then again, they normally wouldn't install signs on temporary alignments, as the temporary alignment in the Easton area has no signs going eastbound. So, I don't know. LOL

I wonder what the original routing of I-90 through that area was like.

I can't wait to see what the finished product looks like. For some reason, I thought that last part they finished in 2016–started in 2014, I think–was everything they were doing, when the westbound snowshed was removed and both directions were moved more outward toward Keechelus Lake so any potential avalanches would just go below the roadway, also making the westbound lanes higher up than the eastbound lanes. I also thought that part that removed the snowshed was the only thing they had done. My mom and I went through that area a lot when I was a kid to visit my late grandfather in Lake Forest Park–being a kid at the time, I thought that was all just Seattle–but I don't really remember a lot of it, let alone what the road was like. I don't remember the years, either, and if it was before, during, or after 2003, for example. I really only noticed a major change when they were doing that work that removed the snowshed and all that. I don't remember much of the area before that.

Edit: I misread 2003 as 2009.

Okay, I figured it out, I think. That control city sign used to be farther up:

Thought I would pop in to mention that the image from Flickr is definitely 2003; not a single car in the picture is newer than 2003.

The listed precise date is clearly wrong, but it's likely 2003 at the latest.


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