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On Interstate 10 and some of Interstate 20 in Texas you can drive 80 M.P.H
Do yall like it?
Do yall dislike it?
Do yall think it's exeptable
Do yall say "Other people can go 80 but i'll just go 70"?
I don't drive but i think it's cool


I drive 80 every day. It's considered like the speed of light in the US (just kidding  :pan:), but 80 mph (130 km/h) is a very common speed limit in Europe.

I think every midwest and western state should consider raising the speed limit to 80 mph outside urban areas.


--- Quote ---Do yall like it?
--- End quote ---
I love that limit. Wish it were legal everywhere. :D

--- Quote ---Do yall think it's exeptable
--- End quote ---
It's reasonable. Folks are already going that fast anyway.

--- Quote ---Do yall say "Other people can go 80 but i'll just go 70"?
--- End quote ---

People who say that seem to be brainwashed into thinking "speed kills" by itself. Speed, inexperience and impatience are a combination for injury and/or death, not just speed in and of itself.

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I love 80 mph speed limits, but I'll never see 'em here in the northeast.

I bet soon we might see 80 mph in some more locations, and there are certainly places that can handle it.

I wish that 80mph (130kmph) was legal here, but going that speed is 30kmph faster than the freeways down in Southern Ontario, up here the fastest is 90kmph on almost every highway.


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