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Author Topic: Lawrenceville GA to Little Rock (yawn)  (Read 1056 times)


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Lawrenceville GA to Little Rock (yawn)
« on: April 20, 2014, 09:46:41 AM »

Well, it appears that my much-hoped-for road trip to Pittsburgh won't happen. :( Instead, I'm told I'll need to go to Little Rock for a day or two. i don't think there's a less interesting prospect for eight hour roadtrip from my house. :(

One thing I was wondering, though: I was thinking seriously of warning the others in my organization who'll be going there about the I-55-Crump Blvd. interchange in Memphis. I'm enough of a roadgeek to drive through it almost no matter what, but the thought of a vanfull of Mexicans going through it in the rain makes me cringe. I plan to make a diagram in Spanish explaining how and why to use I-240 and I-40 to avoid it.

Also, has construction on the roundabout interchange started yet?

Again, I'll be taking my company van, so there are limits to how much I can wander. However, I did find an alternate route that's 25 miles shorter but 43 minutes longer: Interstates, Windy Hill Road and GA 360 to Dallas, GA; US 278 to Cullman, AL; AL 157 to Muscle Shoals, US 72 to Memphis. I may go or return that way if timing and weather are favorable.

Is there anything interesting along the way that I should look for, or photograph?


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