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Author Topic: Your 2014 Road Trips  (Read 8759 times)


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Re: Your 2014 Road Trips
« Reply #25 on: December 29, 2014, 12:55:22 PM »

2014 pretty much culminated in a closure for me as far as road tripping is concerned.  The main event was my drive out to New Jersey and visit to NYC surrounding the NYC meet.  This involved significant interstate highway mileage in Michigan, New Jersey (completed counties), Delaware (completed all Interstate mileage and counties), Pennsylvania (off the freeway), walking a section of the abandoned PA turnpike, completing the Interstates of NYC and vicinity, getting out on Long Island. This by far was one of the costliest road trips I've taken and has woken me up in terms of budgeting trips vs life. 

Summary of 2014
* St Louis road meet in March
* Illinois Valley meet in May - before which I completed I-55 in full with the section between Bloomington and Joliet.
* NYC (see above)
* various "highway collection" trips - particularly in Wisconsin and Illinois - resulting in near completion of the Wisconsin highways (approximately 17 routes left to complete - most of which fall within an area bound by US 18, I-94/US-53 and WIS-70, but there are 3 routes around Sheboygan and Fond-du-Lac.

2014 was marred by the near constant travel for work which drained my energy (due to the travel and resulting extra time put in) that took away my opportunities to drive on the weekends.  My car is getting up there in wear-and-tear as well.
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Re: Your 2014 Road Trips
« Reply #26 on: December 31, 2014, 02:04:35 AM »

Just one road trip but it was a BIG one -- Cincinnati to Providence, RI and back. While doing so I clinched I-95 in NY and CT, drove through the PA Turnpike/95 project (and thus clinched future I-95). I also conquered I-276 from I-95 to I-76; all of I-76 from 276 to the eastern terminus of 376 and from I-80 to OH 21 in Ohio; I-79 from I-80 north to its north terminus and from I-376 to I-70; and I-70 in the Wheeling area to finish I-70 in Ohio and WV.
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