New border crossing at Calais, ME/St. Stephen, NB and NB 1 freeway extension

Started by froggie, August 07, 2009, 04:37:29 PM

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Enroute to PEI, we crossed the border at Calais, ME/St. Stephen, NB, using the more southern Milltown crossing (which locals told us tended to go faster than the downtown crossing, but still took us 45 minutes).

Before that, checked out the status of the brand new border crossing both sides are building just a little upriver (southwest) of the Milltown crossing.  On the US side, the new border crossing will end at a roundabout at US 1/ME 9.  The roundabout is open, but the border crossing isn't, although it looks like all the roadway elements are completed.

On the New Brunswick side, the province/Canadian government is building an extension of the NB 1 freeway tying directly into the new border crossing.  Though the crossing (as mentioned above) is not open, the freeway is open as far as the Church St (Exit 5 or 6?  not sure on the exit number) interchange.  The freeway is complete and open from there east to Exit 25 at NB 127/Gilmans Corner, tying into the previously existing 2-lane highway east of there.


Thanks for the update!  When I was through there earlier this year, there was no sign of construction from US 1.  That's pretty quick installation of the roundabout.


I went up to PEI that way a few years ago. Wish the freeway was completed back then.



The new crossing is offocially open now.I believe is opened back in Jan or Feb.I notmally used the crossing  in downtown,i never found it to be really bad.Last time i came home to Nova Scotia  from NH continued north to Houlton Maine and crossed but the drive i found was so lone and boring that id rather go back to the  Calais route.I am going to NC from NS in may,maybe i will try the new crossing and see if i can get a few pics.


I crossed it last January, the day Stephen Harper "cut the ribbon" on it.  The new St Stephen bypass on NB1 is a sweet ride and the border crossing reminds me of the crossing at Houlton, ME.

For the curious, the new exits on this new section of NB1 are:

EXIT 4- TO NB170 NB725  St Stephen, Little Ridge
EXIT 7- NB740 TO NB735  Basswood Ridge, Scotch Ridge
EXIT 9AB- NB3 TO NB170  St Stephen, Fredericton, Calais ME


Can you easily access the #9 to bangor via the new border crossing?


Quote from: HalifaxTravaler on March 22, 2010, 08:27:28 PM
Can you easily access the #9 to bangor via the new border crossing?

Yes, easily, via a traffic circle from US1/ME9.

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