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Author Topic: Hierarchy of Interstates in Your State (from Most Vital Highways thread)  (Read 28756 times)


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Re: Hierarchy of Interstates in Your State (from Most Vital Highways thread)
« Reply #100 on: January 13, 2021, 08:02:31 PM »

My version for Ohio:
1) I-71: Passes through the 3 largest cities in the state, important diagonal highway for E-W traffic in the overall interstate system
2) I-75: Major trucking route for the country; passes through Cincinnati, Dayton and Toledo in the state.
3) I-90: Major route between Chicago and the northeast; passes through Cleveland.
4) I-70: Passes through Dayton and Columbus in state, and connection through other secondary Midwestern cities to the east coast.
5) I-80: Loses some points due to long concurrency with I-90, but still very important
6) I-77: Shorter interstate in state than the 5 above, but serves the entire Cleveland-Akron-Canton area
7) I-76: It's much more important next door, but for Ohio, it's very short and serves Akron
8) I-270: Complete beltway around Columbus
9) I-275: Complete beltway around Cincinnati, but falls below I-270 because it's not entirely in the state, and has some noticible rural feel portions, especially in the west loop.
10) I-74: Very short in the state; connects Cincinnati westward.
11) I-480: Partial beltway around Cleveland, serving the southern suburbs of the city and connecting downtown Cleveland to I-271 and the eastern suburbs
12) I-271: Partial beltway around Cleveland, serving the eastern suburbs of the city. Also only interstate in Ohio I know of with a full set of express lanes
13) I-675: Partial beltway around Dayton; serves the Wright Patterson AFB
14) I-670: Connects downtown Columbus to its airport
15) I-475: Partial beltway around Toledo
16) I-280: Partial beltway around Toledo
17) I-680: Connects I-80 and I-76 to downtown Youngstown
18) I-471: Only half a mile long in the state, but serves as a connection from downtown Cincinnati to the eastern Ohio suburbs of the city, specifically the OH 32 corridor, via Kentucky
19) I-490: Will rise in importance when the Opportunity Corridor finishes, but currently, just a short connector between I-71/I-90 and I-77. Maybe useful for specific suburb-suburb travel.
20) I-277: Bypass for Akron. Completely overlapped with US 224; we could do without the interstate number.
21) I-470: Bypass for...Wheeling, WV? Not really useful for Ohio, as there's only 2 exits besides I-70 through some desolate areas.
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Re: Hierarchy of Interstates in Your State (from Most Vital Highways thread)
« Reply #101 on: January 15, 2021, 11:29:27 PM »




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Re: Hierarchy of Interstates in Your State (from Most Vital Highways thread)
« Reply #102 on: January 16, 2021, 06:06:55 PM »

South Carolina:

1. I-95- Vital route north and south, connecting everybody from Mid-Atlantic to the state, plus several decent towns are connected (Florence, Walterboro), and exits to US 17, I-26, I-20 are huge
2. I-26- Basically Main Street of South Carolina, connecting Charleston, Columbia, and Spartanburg, and is the major interstate in all of them. Also huge trucking route between Charleston port and inland cities with I-95 exit
3. I-20- Major east-west route between Atlanta and west is major route through Columbia, connecting over to I-95, but part east of Columbia over to Florence is much less traveled
4. I-85- Main Street of the Upstate, going through Greenville and Spartanburg down to Atlanta, but most people in the Lowcountry don’t use it
5. I-77- Connector between Charlotte and Columbia, and goes through the fast-growing Rock Hill area. Will only grow in importance in next several years
6. I-74 (if built)
7. I-385- Connection to Greenville via I-26, and connects a very populated area to the rest of SC
8. I-526- Vital route in the Charleston area, with three major river crossings, and a major commuter route as well
9. SC 277- connector from I-77 into downtown Columbia
10. I-126- I-26 connector into downtown Columbia
11. I-520- Georgia part is more important as the major beltway around Augusta
12. I-185- cut through from 385 to 85 that usually has very little traffic because most people forget it exists
13. SC 31- Important parkway that cuts US 17 traffic problem
14. SC 22- Basically just a bypass of Conway that connects with US 17
15. I-585- stub route serving downtown Spartanburg.

US 17 is probably the most important US highway. Probably between 85 and 77. Maybe above 85


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