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Old Roadgeek, New to Forum

Started by wytout, August 14, 2009, 05:07:45 AM

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I'm a CT Roadgeek for several years now, but new to the forum.  Like CTSignGuy, I'm into route markers.  I've pipe dreamed about a new CT route marker for over 10 years.  My interest in the subject waned for a while, but lately my interest has been renewed.  I put up some new proposals, and presented them to the ConnDOT.  As usual my ideas were quickly shot down.
The original proposals are here.
Anyway, signage is the part of road geekdom that most peeks my interest.  Lookin forward to reading and getting involved in the forum here.


uncontrollable freak sardine salad chef


whoo hoo, another sign guy!

be sure to take a look at the shield gallery:
live from sunny San Diego.



Welcome aboard.....if you are a signgeek, THIS is da Place!<br /><br />Maintaining an interest in Fine Highway Signs since 1958....



thanks for the welcomes, folks!

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