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Author Topic: US 75 north study in Dallas suburbs: plans downsized and made more expensive  (Read 1267 times)


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This is unfortunate, but not too surprising.

The freeway is currently 4-1H-1H-4 (H-HOV). The study originally recommended a 5-3M-3M-5 configuration (M-managed toll lanes), with all lanes at ground level.  The 5-3M-3M-5 would have necessitated substantial right-of-way clearance, and since the freeway is continuously lined with commercial establishments, hundreds of business would have been impacted.

The local cities have said they want minimal right-of-way acquisition, so now the new 4-3M-3M-4 plan drastically reduces right-of-way needs by eliminating the planned new free main lanes and sinking the managed lanes into a depressed level underneath the frontage roads. The presentation (see link) reports that managed lane revenue is expected to increase from $1.48 million to $1.78 billion due to added congestion on the free lanes.

I'm thinking the trenched double-level design will add up to $1 billion to the cost. Frankly, I'd rather see the freeway stay as-is than have this expensive monstrosity. At the very minimum, the usage of the similarly-designed toll lanes on Interstate 635, which are scheduled to open this year, needs to be evaluated.


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