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Reduce posts per page?

Started by Mr. Matté, August 30, 2009, 04:43:11 PM

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Mr. Matté

As someone who likes this forum, but cannot use it too much because I have bandwidth restrictions and this a picture-heavy forum, is it possible to have the option to reduce the number of posts per page to a lower number (10 for example)? This is so older pictures don't have to reload for me every time I view a thread with new posts.  Note that if the option to reduce is not possible, I would not support a mandatory change to lower posts per page since others may like the current 25 posts/page and I don't want to force them to adjust to it due to one man's concerns. Thanks in advance.


If that doesn't work, and if you're using Internet Explorer, there's an option in the "Internet Options" on the "Advanced" tab, underneath Multimedia, where you can un-check "Show Pictures".  What this results in is IE will not download any recognized graphic types (mainly .GIF, .JPG, or .PNG) when you load the page, which may help.  I used this option often when I was out to sea.

Unfortunately in some cases, it means that ANY button or menu or feature that is in a graphical format will not display.  But if you know where those are, you can right-click on the red X and "Show Picture".


Personally, I like the 20 posts per page better than say 15, 25 or 30. Easier browsing, and loading times are less, though that's not a main problem for me (20mbit cable internet)

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