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Author Topic: My trip to Florida (from the Summerville GA area)  (Read 1172 times)


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My trip to Florida (from the Summerville GA area)
« on: September 25, 2015, 11:35:40 PM »

After my family reunion, I studied various routes in Google Maps from Summerville, GA to Panama City Beach FL. After studying about 4 alternatives, I decided to take GA 100 out of Summerville and staying off of US 27 until reaching Cedertown. The road had next to no traffic so I had time to check out the Georgian countryside. Plus, the road was in very good shape. At Cedertown, I made a right on to 27B and then drove US 27 to and through Lagrange. The section of 27 from Cedertown to Lagrange was in very good shape with most being 4 lane divided and some 4 lane w/ turn lane sections here and there. Upon reaching the northern part of Lagrange, the 4 lane divided section ends abruptly with a 20 mph (!!!) 90 degree turn to the right. I reckon sometime in the distant future, the 4 lane divided bypass will be built around the east side of Lagrange. The road turns into a 5 lane (4 lanes w/ turn lane) and enters town. On the southeast side, it is briefly a 2 lane road and passes through the old part of town. I follow US 27 until reaching I 185 and follow it to Phoenix City, AL. I went west on US 80 and then south on US 431 which is a nice 4 lane divided highway once leaving town. I reach Eufala and marvel at the very old homes and mansions that line the street. I continue on to Dothan and make my way around the circle to US 231. The section of 231 south of Dothan is nice and the Florida section is even nicer since they just got through repaving parts of it. The roads that I traveled in Florida were smooth and nice. I made somewhat of a detour... I was going to follow US 231 down to Panama City and then go west on 368 but instead made a right on FL 20 and went through some pine forests. At least the road had a 60 mph speed limit through most of it. Made a left onto FL 77 and followed that down to FL 388 west. Found out where the NW Florida airport was. Then I made another left on to FL 79 and followed that onto FL 30. Went east a couple of miles and arrived at my destination.

Leaving Florida 3 days later, I went west on I-10 out of Pensacola into Alabama... Hit I-65 north until reaching US 98 (Moffet Rd). My least favorite section out of the whole trip. Too many traffic lights heading west and Alabama needs to get the rest of their 4 lane section opened up. Satellite pictures show some land clearing from the AL/MS line to just north of the 4 lane / turn lane section. Get with it, Alabama!! That section of US 98 sucks!
The section in Mississippi from the MS/AL line to Hattiesburg was much better.
In Hattiesburg, I made the mistake of prematurely exiting off of US 98 onto US 49 north. What I should have done was to Continue US 98 to I-59. Go north on I-59 and then exit off onto US 49, bypassing most of that town. Oops!
US 49 was okay but the concrete section that kicks in once you get to the outskirts of Jackson leaves MUCH to be desired. They need to either mill down the road or tear it out completely and put in new concrete. I follow US 49 from Hattiesburg to Jackson and then take I-55 to Memphis.
I noticed a lot of the bridges on I-55 were narrow which tells me they were put in in the early 1960's at best.
At Memphis, I continued straight on I-240 north since I despise that tight right cloverleaf exit onto the I-55 bridge.
Reached I-40 west and followed it back to I-55 again and followed I-55 to Marion. FINALLY the almost never ending construction in that area is done (for now)!!
At Marion, I took US 64 west. The 4 lane section is fine but the road goes to a 2 lane with brief 3 lane sections. Already noticing that the pavement is markedly worse than anywhere else I have driven (save for the bumpy concrete section on US 49 south of Jackson, MS). Made my way safely through the "speed trap" towns between Marion and Bald Knob. Then I take the US 67 freeway southwest to Searcy. Ahh finally the construction is complete from Exit 51 to 55! I noticed road work ahead signs posted on the 67 north on-ramp in Bald Knob so I'm guessing that the section from Bald Knob to Russel is next in line for a refreshing... and that section isn't that old. It opened in the early 1980's.
I reach Exit 45 (AR 36) and think, wow this road is in bad shape! (Esp. compared to the roads in Florida!!)
Disgusted at the lack of progress on the new AR 13 bypass on the west end of town. The new intersection has gravel down where the lanes are but not paved yet. Will it be complete by the end of 2015? I'm beginning to have doubts. :P


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