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Author Topic: Mid-country Trip musings.-- part 2  (Read 1133 times)


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Mid-country Trip musings.-- part 2
« on: June 29, 2016, 09:29:40 PM »

Random thoughts on my trip thru Michigan, Ohio, Chicago, Indiana and Illinois...

-- I-71 from Columbus to Cleveland was an enjoyable ride -- smooth and nice cruising at 70 MPH up to A CUYAHOGA County.  As usual, freeways and streets in Cleveland suck with too many bumps.

SR-2 still has areas of unmarked exits (no exit numbers).

Still some areas of button copy, especially on SR-10 west of the turnpike.

I-75 thru Toledo is a mess...STILL!


Sad to see Clearview on so much signage.  And the demise of underlined cardinal directions and full exit tabs on the BGSs.

Wayne County -- Surprised at many  intersections along Telegraph and Plymouth Roads that are now single 3 or 4 segment lights on poles/masts.  A lot of FYAS with lagging green arrows.

I-94 -- drove it to Indiana midday and was surprised it wasn't as jammed as my previous trips, nor was I not forced to ride the left lane at 80+ MPH to avoid being stuck in the right lane.  Definitely needs a 3rd lane for those times.


I-94 was a mess east of the Toll Road but it was moving.

CHICAGO:  Due to time constraints, I took the Toll Road from the I-80 split over the Skyway to the Dan Ryan.  BIG MISTAKE for those out of staters who can't make an EZ or I-PASS work for them because they live out west.  Wit cash tolls around Chicagoland TWICE that of I-pass in most cases, it cost me $7.20 to bypass the Borman and the Ford (The ITR looked very unkept west of I-65) and over $10 to ride I-88 to Iowa (although it was a nice drive with a lot less traffic than I-80 west of Chicagoland.

Iowa, Nebraska and maybe Colorado in part 3.


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