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Author Topic: New highway Coming to the Big Bend Region  (Read 1684 times)

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New highway Coming to the Big Bend Region
« on: August 30, 2016, 01:44:21 PM »

Except that it will be across the river. The new route is going to be signed as Coahuila Rte 20 and it will connect the village of Boquillas del Carmen to the rest of Mexico by paved highway. I translated the article below using Google Translate. If you wish to view the original spanish article you can here.  http://periodicoeltiempo.mx/region/inaugura-rmv-pavimentacion-la-pena-boquillas-del-carmen/ 20 kilometers out of 56 kms has been completed.

Google Maps link to the construction boundaries. https://goo.gl/maps/AiGFDk1geHM2

OCAMPO, COAH.- Within his intense work tour in leading various benefits to rural communities in the state, Gov. Rubén Moreira Valdez, paving inaugurated the first 20 kilometers of the road La Peña - Boquillas del Carmen, where 80 million pesos will be invested in the 56 kilometers of the total work.
 In this first stage work in earthworks, hydraulic base, concrete embankments, gabion wall, concrete drainage works, right of way fencing, painting on pavement and signage they were made.
Thanks to good coordination between the three levels of government, is that you can do work like this paved road, which is of great importance for Boquillas del Carmen, one of the most remote communities of our state, it is a step border into the United States of America.
Accompanied by Secretaries of Social Development and Rural Development, Rodrigo Fuentes Avila and Alfio Vega de la Peña, respectively, and by the Mayor of Ocampo, José Alfonso Pecina Medrano, Governor Ruben Moreira Valdez, listened to the technical explanation of the work of Guillermo Gonzalez Castillo, Undersecretary of highways and byways of the Ministry of Infrastructure.
Then, the state president oversaw and found work paving of this road which will bring a greater influx of visitors to Boquillas del Carmen, as well as security in the movement of goods and the arrival of more satisfactions for its inhabitants.
After the inauguration of the La Peña - Boquillas del Carmen, the State Governor moved precisely to this community as part of his tour that will be delivering more than 50 million in benefits for rural communities in Coahuila.
Recently, the Governor inaugurated the solar farm and grid in Boquillas del Carmen, in addition to delivering its inhabitants deeds to their land to provide security and legal certainty.
The paving of this road will bring better living conditions to the residents of this remote village.
With these actions, the State Government demonstrates its commitment to the welfare and development of all communities in Coahuila, no matter how far apart they are.

*Note: If a mod wishes to move this to the Int'l Hwys section feel free to. I posted it in this section because I think a lot of people that have visited the BBNP will care about this topic or at least find it interesting.*
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