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Author Topic: Should "XIke" IL I-290 between Ikea/Strangler be partially/completely tolled?  (Read 1594 times)


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XIke is pretty much surrounded by tolled roads, maybe it is time for it as well.

What is the point of allowing such a critical slab to be trampled N/C by a shipload of interstate traffic?

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"XIke"? What in the hell is that? I assume you mean "The Eisenhower Extension." You know you don't have to make up new names for everything.

"N/C"? No charge?


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I'm of the opinion that 290 should end at the 290 / 355 junction, then 355 takes over the old 290 portion, as well as the IL-53 parts north of 90.


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I'm of the opinion that 290 should end at the 290 / 355 junction, then 355 takes over the old 290 portion, as well as the IL-53 parts north of 90.

I'd add that I-290 should be scrapped altogether and replaced with I-88 east to the Circle, and the remnant should become I-188.
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The only portion of Interstate 290 that should be tolled are along the proposed/potential toll lanes. Tolling the existing general-purpose lanes would be a no-go.


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Will this thread make it out of winter before it gets locked?


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