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Author Topic: Least favorite road trip you have been on?  (Read 4131 times)


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Re: Least favorite road trip you have been on?
« Reply #75 on: January 26, 2018, 03:27:09 PM »

Probably both my trips to Iowa in 2008. I got sick the first time I was there for some reason and the second time I was there I got sick on the way there and was sicker than the first time. These trips were about a month apart too.


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Re: Least favorite road trip you have been on?
« Reply #76 on: January 26, 2018, 10:55:44 PM »

Two immediately come to mind for me.

Traveling I-81 from Wise County, VA to Harrisonburg, VA.  I'd never made that trip before, and managed to mess it up by trying to get up there at night, which turned into late night.  And having to deal with the traffic on I-81 on a Friday night.  Hated it.  I've traveled 81 at other times, en route to the RDU area, and can't say I've ever had a decent go.  The last two times I went up to Charlottesville, I took 460 over to 29.  Don't care if it took longer, but it was an infinitely easier drive.

The other one - I had spent the night in Ruston, LA, on my way back to Tuscaloosa.  Had my first (and last) encounter with Raising Cane's.  I got food poisoning, so I was up almost all night.  Had little energy to get going that day, and in hindsight, should've tried to stay put.  I drove I-20, not feeling well, then managed to get caught in a back-up just east of Vicksburg, where traffic didn't move for an hour.  Fortunately, I had my 3DS on me, complete with car charger, so I just put my car in park until things started moving an hour later.  Went from feeling dog-tired from Brandon to Meridian, to somehow getting a second wind for the last 90 miles that evening.


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Re: Least favorite road trip you have been on?
« Reply #77 on: March 04, 2018, 06:07:04 PM »

Traveling along Kooteney Lake as part of a day trip while staying in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho. Though, not for the reasons you expected.

In 2016, I thought I would something different. For my September birthday, I thought I would take a personal road trip that included a short stay up in Idaho. Why not? I haven't been to Idaho. One of the things on my changeable agenda was to take a day trip up to Canada. It was going to be the scenic route, so I was taking US-95 to Canada 95, then head west to Creston, then north to Katooney Bay ferry, then back south again home.

The morning started out right. Had an early start. But, then, I hit the border at Eastport, Idaho/Kingsgate, BC. Due to a 2016 New Jersey/New York bombings that had occurred the previous weekend, the border guards were on high alert. And, I am a super-suspicious character in that I am traveling alone, in the shoulder season, no suitcases, with a laptop. They had dogs sniffing through my car, searched my laptop, and could not believe that I was taking the scenic route to Creston. (I swear, Canada border guards are hired on the basis on how Canada nice they aren't). Sigh.

Anyways, after doing the mandatory Tim Horton's stop, I'm driving along Katooney Bay (nice, scenic route worth taping) when I get a call about the Lowe's card that I had applied for the previous Thursday. My response: What Lowe's card that I applied for? Since they were originating the call, I'm not about to provide any personal information. And, the side of the road of Highway 3A is not the best place to take care of serious business. I get over to the Kuskanook Harbour and Boat Launch, and call back asap, as this is suspicious. Sure enough, someone had applied for a credit card in my name, and it was promptly cancelled. I was also given the Fraud division so that I could followup when I am able to.

Of course, what does this PEBCAK do? During the call, he had the car door open, which meant the lights were on, which meant the battery was drained. Thus a call to CAA. They had to send a truck from Creston which is 45 minutes away just to start my car. The drivers gets there, and says, "You know, if you were here last month, you wouldn't have had a problem getting a jump start." By the time I got to the ferry, it was early evening. So much for a pleasant day trip.

The next morning, instead of driving to Montana, I was in my hotel room dealing with a fraud issue and setting up a credit card freeze. I did make it to Montana in the late afternoon... but only as far as the 50,000 Silver Dollar Inn.
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Re: Least favorite road trip you have been on?
« Reply #78 on: March 06, 2018, 11:27:33 PM »

Hmm...mostly my road trips are pretty excellent, so I had to do a little thinking about some of the bad ones:

March 2016 - I had just gotten a brand new Nissan Versa Note and took it on a week long roadtrip through Oregon/Idaho/Nevada/Utah/Colorado/New Mexico/Arizona and back to Seattle trip.   To be honest, it was an absolutely great trip up to a point.  I had taken many two lane roads, seen fantastic scenery in the desert states, found a bunch of abandoned buildings to photograph (which is often what I like to do on my trips), and so on.  So towards the end of the trip, I had a great day starting out in Page, AZ, drove 89A across Marble Canyon and the beautiful land north of the Grand Canyon.  Eventually I made my way to US50 across Nevada.  It had snowed a couple days beforehand, so the landscape still had a ton of snow on it, but the roads were perfectly dry.  I stopped in Fallon, NV, for the night, grabbed Sonic for something to eat...and woke up at 3 am having food poisoning exiting my body via both escape routes.  I puked for about 3 hours, then crashed for maybe 3 more.  Eventually I was able to keep some water down so I made the decision to start making my way on home.  I drove for about six hours, stopped in Bend, OR, for the night and slept 12 hours for my body to recover.  So one of my best road trips turned into a really bad one at the end.

Sept 1995 - I was living in Colorado, but wanted to visit friends in Flagstaff AZ.  The plan was to go there, then off to Vegas to have a little fun for my friend's birthday.  I was waiting tables at the time, so I had collected a lot of change for the slot machines.  I had an old Nissan Stanza and somewhere in the reservation in Arizona it was making weird grinding noises in the front left tire area.  I managed to get to Flagstaff, but upon taking it to a mechanic, they said something bad was going on and it was going to cost $300 to fix...on labor day weekend...meaning I had no car for continuing to Vegas.  I stayed in Flagstaff, managed to have what fun I could, but it was basically an aborted trip. 

I'm currently on another roadtrip so here's hoping it will not make this list!

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Re: Least favorite road trip you have been on?
« Reply #79 on: March 09, 2018, 08:25:27 PM »

I've got a few that I remember well...

Back in 2013, I took a "shoulder season" trip to the Outer Banks.  After taking NC-12 south and the ferry back to US-70 (I also planned to spend some time in Durham), the overdrive light began flashing.  So here I am, a few hundred miles from home, with a transmission that went into safety mode.  To make the story short, I did complete my trip, though I was nursing the car at no more than 50 mph, while staying off freeways as much as possible.  As a bit of a coda, I was also rear-ended just south of Fredericksburg, when the driver behind me jumped the gun on the light turning green.  There was no visible damage, and with a car with 16 years/160,000+ miles and no plans to repair the transmission, I told the other driver not to worry about it.  (Another coda: this whole affair led me to unintentionally clinch US-1 in Virginia, so there was that.)

But perhaps the biggest misadventure I had was back in 2009, when I headed down to Durham to see my alma mater (JMU) play Duke.  (Cameron Indoor had been on my bucket list of basketball arenas to visit.)  Problem was, this coincided with the first "Snowpocalypse" storm.  Post game, conditions were obviously bad and getting worse.  Surmising that Interstate travel would be ill-advised (especially I-81), the plan was to to take US-501 to US-29 to US-250 to US-11 back to Harrisonburg.  It was slow-going, particularly when I got stuck behind a plow (and its never-ending, blinking, yellow rear strobe) for ~25 miles, but I did manage to make it to the Lynchburg Bypass.

The bypass itself was slow-going, with snowdrifts galore.  One of these drifts was rather high, and then the battery light on the instrument panel turned on.  A bit further up the road, around Amherst, I got stuck in a traffic jam, and the battery died out while waiting for traffic to clear.  After getting a tow up to the nearest gas station / convenience store, I spent the day there, and prepared to spend a very cold night in the car when the store closed.  I was spotted by a couple of locals, who called in an officer.  He then proceeded to take me down to the station to spend the night, when he was contacted that a friend of the owner of the local B&B had opened it up due to the storm, and was subsequently driven there.

I learned the next morning that US-29 was closed between Amherst and Charlottesville, and so spent the next two days at the B&B.  When conditions had improved enough, the friend mentioned above drove me back to my car, jumped it, and led me to a service station down the road.  After having a serpentine belt replaced, the car was back to normal, and it was back to Harrisonburg for me. 


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Re: Least favorite road trip you have been on?
« Reply #80 on: March 12, 2018, 03:48:46 PM »

Somewhere around 2013/2014:
I had went on a trip to the Dunkirk area.  It was not very fun going TO Dunkirk, but it was not the worst. Three days at a lakeside resort and one religious conference I did not care for (please don't ask what religion), and a trip to Niagara falls later, I had to go back home. Unfortunately, it decided to rain. When i say this next part, remember that I am telling the truth with this.

The rain was so bad everything turned white

My dad had to drive through this for 7 hours before we got there. It took 14 to get back home.
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Re: Least favorite road trip you have been on?
« Reply #81 on: March 13, 2018, 01:39:16 AM »

Two that stand out that involve the same place, a music festival in Hillsdale, New York.

2006. My mom and my brother also went on this trip. The weather was brutally hot all week with a car that had no air conditioning. My mom's friend from Chicago and her stepdaughter drove along with us. They had planned part of the trip which included a number of boring attractions in Ohio and Pennsylvania. I slept in a cheap tent that wasn't waterproof enough to prevent me from ending up with a ruined phone and was like waking up in an oven. Many of our belongings ended up soaked due to heavy rain and eventually a group of three irritated and smelly people headed back west. Mom's friend from earlier and her husband (who traveled separately and met them at camp) bickered endlessly all weekend and it overwhelmed me listening to them fighting. They also brought an ungodly amount of gear to camp. So much unnecessary shit. We had to both help bring it to camp and then help bring it back to their home in Chicago (while they and the daughter had continued from camp to Delaware or something to visit relatives). So we stopped at their house and set off their alarm system trying to drop their shit.

2008. By this time the daughter from the previous story and I had become pretty close friends. To be honest this time period was also about the lowest point of my battle with depression over the years. My friend and I were excited about hanging out during the trip. The day before our families were going to leave she accidentally fractured her wrist in a fall and had to drop out of the trip, which sent me into a pit of misery the entire week. On the final night of camp a severe thunderstorm struck the area, which included some kind of downburst event that decimated the campsite. This was also the first trip where I was ever pulled over, by the Wisconsin state patrol (it wasn't my fault; our taillights were obscured because my mom didn't tie down the tarp over the back of the truck tightly enough).
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