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Author Topic: Countries A-Z picture thread  (Read 917 times)


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Countries A-Z picture thread
« on: October 19, 2017, 11:01:15 PM »

OK, I'm a bit wary about starting this, what with the over-abundance of "challenge" threads going on right now…so instead, think of this one as more of an "anthology" than a "challenge". ;-) In the interest of gathering content together (and admittedly inspired by the 1-2-3 distance challenge), let's look at roads and road signs around the world—and we'll do it by country from A to Z (list here).

For each country, submit as many pictures as you like, but a minimum of two: 1) one showing a general road, street or highway view in that country (whether a landscape or urban scene, a particular intersection or highway feature, etc.), and 2) one showing a road sign or signs in that country (something that represents what might typically be seen in that country, not just a generic traffic or parking sign, for example). Pictures can be from any source you have access to: Google Street View, Wikipedia, image search, stock or press photos, etc.—as long as they're authentic views of the country—and of course, your own handiwork is certainly welcome! It's preferable to show the pictures inline where possible, rather than just posting a link.

Each country comes into play as soon as someone calls it in and posts the first photo, but no less than 24 hours after the previous country was first posted (for now; we can adjust that timing as we go). Everyone can keep submitting pictures for a country until the next one is called; after that, you can include photos from any previous country provided you first submit a picture for the one currently in play.

I think that's it, rules-wise—don't want to really over-regulate this one; I just want to look at some pictures! So, let's start 'er off…

Up next: Albania

A couple of general road scenes (and a license plate, to boot), from the Asian Development Bank:

A road sign seen at the Iranian border:

Likely the reverse view is shown here:


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