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Author Topic: [MEX] Carretera Federal 305D Playa del Carmen - El Tintal by Roads of Europe  (Read 1123 times)


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Seeing the divided highway without lane markings makes me curious as to why no lane or fogline striping was done?

How strict is speed enforcement in Mexico? 

Questions, questions...LOL!

US 101 is THE backbone of the Pacific coast from Bandon OR to Willets CA.  Industry, tourism and local traffic would be gone or severely crippled without it being in functioning condition in BOTH states.


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How strict is speed enforcement in Mexico? 

Depends on whether that jurisdiction runs radar or not.  In my experience, most don't but some do.
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Verreme is also over at SkyscraperCity, although he seldom posts. He did a road trip in the Yucatan peninsula last September, and more videos are to follow every Monday. I know he lives in or near Barcelona, and he does some videos of Catalonia in between big trips. He posted a big roadtrip around Spain for most of 2018 (ending in my hometown :sombrero:), then a short trip in Catalonia before proceeding to the Veneto region of Italy and now to Mexico.
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