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Author Topic: Weekend trip to the Cincinnati area.  (Read 316 times)


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Weekend trip to the Cincinnati area.
« on: June 04, 2019, 12:03:18 AM »

This past weekend my mom, my uncle, and I went to the Cincinnati area to visit my great aunt who is 93 years old.  It was a blast.  It was nice to visit with family members that I hadn't seen in many years or that I had never met before.  We went and saw my maternal grandmother's side of the family and they all had six or eight kids who had six or eight kids, who had six or eight kids and so on, so I have a lot of cousins that I wouldn't know if they walked in the room right now, but I digress.  My uncle drove his car, since he has a Mitsubishi Montero and we have a Hyundai Accent.  The route down was basically I-94, I-69, IN 9, I-74, I-275, some roads that the GPS routed us around traffic on I-275 (we got off on Kilby Rd.) and State Line Rd to US 50 where we stayed at the Baymont Inn in Lawrenceburg, IN.  Nothing much happened on the way down other than I caught a picture of an erroneous road sign in Shelbyville, which I posted in that thread.  I also took a picture of a Sinclair station across the street of the hotel.  I didn't think Sinclair existed east of Iowa.

On the way home, we took I-275, I-74, I-465, US 31, US 6, IN 13, and US 131.  The last time I drove on US 31 in Indiana (2011) it still went through Carmel and Westfield (?) as a boulevard with  traffic lights and businesses.  I was shocked to discover that US 31 is a full freeway up until 276th St in Northern Hamilton County with sporadic exit interchanges here and there.  I also discovered that US 31 completely bypasses Kokomo, whereas in 2011 it still went through town.  US 6 and IN 13/US 131 looked like they always did, but the bypass around Constantine is nice.  I think when I head that way from now on I will take 131, 13 and 6 over to US 31 instead of 69.  It seemed quicker.

I did not clinch any new counties, mainly because I wasn't driving.  If I had been driving, I would have found time to take the 275 loop and clinch Campbell and Clermont Counties and I probably would have gotten Switzerland and Ohio Counties in Indiana to clinch all but Southwestern Indiana.

ETA:  I looked at my mob-rule.  I still have four counties in Northwest Indiana that I haven't got yet.  Also, for those who DX, I believe I heard a snippet of WSRW 105.7 in Grand Rapids this afternoon on US 31 between Kokomo and Peru, Indiana.
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