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Author Topic: Southern Illinois Notes  (Read 6205 times)


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Re: Southern Illinois Notes
« Reply #75 on: May 12, 2020, 12:44:09 PM »

If you wait until there aren't any remaining more-deserving projects elsewhere in the state, if you wait until the state is flush with money—then when would southern Illinois get any improvements?
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Re: Southern Illinois Notes
« Reply #76 on: May 12, 2020, 01:53:44 PM »

I suppose you're right; the population centers will continue to subsidize transportation in the sticks.  Just like it's always been.
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Re: Southern Illinois Notes
« Reply #77 on: May 16, 2020, 01:57:15 PM »

Darren Baily is going from Illinois house to Senate unless he is expelled. He enraged the Gov today with a stunt. Put a big x through anything on US 50 or IL 1.

Anything else under study in Indiana South of 70.

Mr. Bailey from Xenia knows he has no legislative leverage, so he had nothing to lose by going to court to show the Gov he over-reached.

As for US50, don't look for anything beyond the Lebanon Bypass for the next 20 years regardless of what Mr. Bailey does.

You can't make this up.  Mr. Bailey's appeal is going to the Clay County Courthouse.


The State of Illinois AG protests and files a motion to move it to Sangamon County, because it is more "convenient". Of which the Clay judge said that is not a adequate legal basis to move the trial. So in Clay County it stays.

So now these poor lawyers, the AG, the Governor and his entourage will all have to trek to little ole Louisville, Illinois.

What does this have to do with roads? Oh plenty.

US-45 which is the only major road through Louisville will get the beauty treatment. Potholes filled, cracks sealed, broken up shoulders replaced.  Stuff the state had no money for will suddenly rise up in the priority charts.

Mr. Pritzker, who probably hasn't seen a brick street in his life will get to experience the one encircling the courthouse.

Can you see all of these $300 hour lawyers having to wait for a stall in the 2 hole mens bathroom?

To top it off, since the Gov. is limiting business, he won't have anywhere to eat in town. Maybe the Casey's gas station will turn on their electric pizza oven just for them.  :-D


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Re: Southern Illinois Notes
« Reply #78 on: June 04, 2020, 01:48:11 PM »


Projects on nearly every major regional traffic artery in Metro East are outlined in the Illinois Department of Transportation’s (IDOT) Fiscal Year (FY) 2020-2025 Proposed Highway Improvement Program.

Several potentially landmark projects are key to major economic development projects which could help reshape the region, according to area business and political leaders.

Among them: replacement of the Interstate 270 bridge across the Mississippi River, a new U.S. Route 67 bypass near Jerseyville, a new Interstate 255 interchange at Dupo and the new Greenmount Road interchange in O’Fallon.

IDOT acknowledges that many — including extensive projects on Interstate 255 and the Interstate 64 tri-level interchange area in East St. Louis — will mean years of traffic slowdowns and tie-ups.

The I-255 project will entail the phased closing sections of between Collinsville Road to Route 15 for months at a time next year.

The U.S. Department of Transportation will cover 39 percent of the IDOT infrastructure program; with Illinois state funds covering 37 percent; Series A bonds, 21 percent, and local matching funds, 2 percent.

The projects are part of Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s $41.5 billion Rebuild Illinois program. To pay for it, Illinois on July 1 raised the state gasoline tax, from 19 to 38-cents-a-gallon and increased vehicle registration fees.

While 16 percent of funding under the program would go “to strategically expanding the system in areas where data have shown the investment will be highly effective,” the plan will dedicate 75 percent of funding to reconstructing and preserving roadways and bridges, according to an IDOT statement. The remainder targets necessary traffic and safety improvements.

That marks a major shift toward long-term infrastructure preservation, according to the IDOT statement.

A few of the projects (noted below) are to begin in state FY 2020. However, most are scheduled for state fiscal years 2012 through 2025. The road program was announced Oct. 10. The road plan at this point remain technically in the proposal stage and IDOT continues to take public comment on it.

Among major projects planned for IDOT Region 8 (encompassing Greene, Calhoun, Jersey, Madison, Bond, Clinton, St. Clair, Monroe Randolph, Washington, and Marion counties) are:

 Interstate Highways
Interstate 55/64/U.S Route 40/Illinois Route 4 from the Mississippi Rover to the I-64 trilevel interchange in East St. Louis. — Major highway renovation including lighting, bridge joint replacement and repair, bridge deck overlay and bridge repair.

Interstate 64 under Illinois 111 —  Interchange reconstruction, bridge replacement, and ramp repair.

Interstate 64/U.S. Route 50 from just west of Greenmount Road in O’Fallon to 1.1 miles west of Illinois Route 158 — Construction of additional lanes and resurfacing.

Interstate 255/U.S. Route 50 from Illinois Route 3 in Dupo, across Madison and St. Clair Counties, to Collinsville Road. — Highway resurfacing and patching, ramp repair, shoulder repair, and bridge repair or replacement along a 30.2 mile stretch of highway. Scheduled start: 2020

A new interchange on Interstate 255 at Imbs Stations Road and Davis Street Ferry Road in Dupo is scheduled for construction during 2025.

Interstate 270 at the Mississippi River in Madison County —Mississippi River Bridge replacement is to be complemented by approximately 10 miles of additional lanes, road reconstruction, resurfacing, and bridge superstructure work; extending east to Illinois Route 203.

That includes road and bridge expansion and reconstruction across the 2.3-mile Mississippi River bridge approach — extending from the river to the Chair of Rocks Canal.

Then highway expansion and improvement will then continue east to Illinois Route 203; entailing reconstruction of intersections with Illinois Route 3,  Illinois Route 111 and Route 203.

U.S. Highways
U.S. Route 67 at the Delhi Bypass in Jersey County — Construction of 3.2 miles of new four-lane expressway will provide a bypass around the community of Delhi.

The IDOT plan also calls for preliminary work on future widening of U.S. 67, from two to four lanes, north from Jerseyville into Green County as well as south to the Madison County line.

The IDOT program also calls for projects on the Clark Bridge (U.S. 67) and the deck sealing;  intersection reconstruction at Formosa Road-Bethany Road on U.S. Highway 40 ($24 million);and road and bridge work long U.S. Highway 50 at various locations from Silver Creek east through Clinton County, including Kaskaskia River bridge repairs. All are scheduled for 2020.

State Highways
Illinois Route 3 Connector – extending across East St. Louis from Monsanto Drive in Sauget to the River Park Drive Connector – is the centerpiece of maintenance and improvements on the highway extending from it north terminus in Godfrey to its southern terminus in Cairo.

In addition to the new $49 million connector roadway – with its new bridge and a newly-built approach through Sauget – the IDOT plan for Route 3 calls for:

Pavement improvement projects in Cahokia and various locations across Monroe and Randolph counties,
Reconstruction of the intersection with Pierce Lane in Godfrey,
Pavement overlay and patching on the section concurrent with Homer Adams Parkway in Alton,
Reconstruction from New Poag Road to Industrial Drive in unincorporated Madison County, and
Reconstruction at 20th street in Granite City.

An Illinois Department of Transportation study outlined the major reasons for needing to replace and improve the Interstate 270 bridge.

Other projects on state highways include:

Illinois Route 4 — Pavement maintenance or rehabilitation at various locations across southern Madison, St. Clair and Randolph counties including replacement of the highway’s Kaskaskia River bridge. Some work to begin in 2020.

Illinois Route 13 — Pavement reconstruction from Illinois Route 157 to 23rd Street in Belleville and pavement maintenance from Rogers Drive in Freeburg to the Kaskaskia River.

Illinois Route 15 — Pavement maintenance east of Ill. 159 with major bridge re-construction and road work south into Washington County

Illinois Route 111 — Reconstruction from Poag Road to Denham Road, with improvements at the Chain of Rocks Road, bridge replacement at the Cahokia Canal, and railroad bridge replacement near the Fairmont City School.

Illinois Route 140 — Reconstruction from Monument Street to Annex Avenue in Alton.

Illinois Route 143 — Replacement of the Silver Creek Bridge west of Marine.

Illinois Routes 157-162 junction — Relocation of the intersection, with reconstruction of the Ill. 157 bridge at Judy Branch Creek Bridge and intersection with Sugar Loaf Road. Improvements or pavement maintenance are scheduled at locations south across St. Clair County into Cahokia.

Illinois Route 158 — Relocation with new bridge from Illinois Route 177 to Illinois Route 161 and intersection reconstruction at Freeburg Avenue in Belleville.

Illinois Route 159 — Reconstruction of Beltline intersection in Collinsville, replacement of the Douglas Creek Bridge near Smithton, with maintenance at various locations across Madison and St. Clair counties.

Illinois Route 177 — Reconstruction from County Drive to Mine Road in Mascoutah.

Illinois 255 — Pavement overlay from I-270 to Illinois Route 143, beginning in 2020.

Non-numbered state roads

Greenmount Road — Additional lanes and bridge replacement from Ill. Route 161 to  Ill. Routes 158/177.

Lebanon Bypass —New construction Illinois Route 4 to U.S. Highway 50, east of Lebanon

McKinley Bridge — Sealing scheduled for 2020.

Local projects
The IDOT plan also provides funding for qualifying local infrastructure projects including:

Granite City — Reconstruction of First Street from C Street to E Street and construction of new segment of Levee Road.

Collinsville — Bridge replacement on Fairmont Avenue at Canteen Creek,

Lebanon — Replacement of Troy O’Fallon Road bridge at Mill Creek, and

Frank Scott Parkway — Additional lanes and a new bridge between Swansea and Shiloh.

The complete IDOT 2020-2025 Proposed Highway Improvement Program can be accessed at https://tinyurl.com/IDOT2025plan

The State Summary of the Program includes a public comment form, as well as information on filing comment by telephone at 800-493-3434.

Additional information about the plan is available online at www.idot.illinois.gov.


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