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Author Topic: West Virginia Road Plans Online  (Read 3760 times)


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West Virginia Road Plans Online
« on: June 07, 2021, 09:58:06 AM »

Something I wasn't aware of today is that West Virginia has put up its archive of road plans online, similar to what Kentucky did: https://www.mapwv.gov/dotplans/viewer/

What surprises have you found?
- No indication that the Turnpike / WV 16 interchange in Beckley was to have a toll booth other than the ramp tolls: https://mapwv.gov/DOTLivePlans/Scanning/ProjectBookFolders/R_41_1_0077_00_000_9999_S09745/PDF/R_41_1_0077_00_000_9999_S09745.pdf
- No indication that the Turnpike / Interstate 64 interchange was to include a toll booth, with the third lane being marked for acceleration: https://mapwv.gov/DOTLivePlans/Scanning/ProjectBookFolders/R_41_1_0064_00_000_9999_S09733/PDF/R_41_1_0064_00_000_9999_S09733.pdf
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