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Hi From Atlanta

Started by Georgia Guardrail, July 18, 2022, 04:29:39 PM

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Georgia Guardrail

New member here from Atlanta, GA.  Originally from Lexington, KY.

Lots of exciting new road projects happening here!

I love roads and freeways and glad to see there is a community of likeminded people on this forum!


Howdy from Houston, and welcome to the forum!
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Welcome from Massachusetts!

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Welcome from greater Chicagoland!
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Welcome from Québec City!
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Welcome from just north of Boston!
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Welcome! I lived in Atlanta for four years and still have plenty of friends/family in the area.


Welcome from Jacksonville!


Welcome from Southwest Missouri, from an occasional Atlanta area visitor. I have family in the area.


Welcome from Northern Kentucky!
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Georgia Guardrail

Quote from: amroad17 on July 19, 2022, 09:24:35 PM
Welcome from Northern Kentucky!

Thanks!  Forgot to mention that I went to school (NKU) up there, so I'm quite familiar with all the roads in the Covington area as well.


Every day is a winding road, you just got to get used to it.

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Welcome! I live in Lawrenceville, and my daughter, son-in-law, and grandson live in Lexington. I went to see them in March: up via Harlan, back via Hazard, Appalachia, VA; and Asheville. I was pretty epic.


Hello from just outside of Lawrenceville GA.  And I was born in Kentucky, so this is indeed a small world.


Hello from New York! Welcome to the forum, Georgia Guardrail!


Welcome from OH I love Atlanta and I-75


Welcome from Colorado! I've explored quite a bit in the ATL area, but I've never been to KY. Welcome to the forum!

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