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Author Topic: Saginaw, Michigan to Lynchburg, Virginia  (Read 813 times)


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Saginaw, Michigan to Lynchburg, Virginia
« on: August 27, 2023, 08:14:01 AM »

This isn't a trip that I have taken but rather my parents are on now. They like to call me and ask me for directions since they know I don't get lost too often. So last night they left for a trip to Lynchburg, Virginia leaving Saginaw, Michigan around 5:00 or so. I called my dad a little while after they left so I could tell him what channel the Tigers game was on. Then I remembered just about every day there is a traffic jam on US-23 going south of Flint, it was probably about an hour or so since I had talked to him and I noticed a traffic jam on SB US-23 south of Ann Arbor the traffic was backed up from Willis Road to I-94 due to an accident. I was thinking I better call him and let him know since he's probably not using a GPS system like  Google Maps or Waze or any of those. I called him and gave him a few options, well as I was telling him that he told me he was sitting in that traffic jam. I said oh man if you aren't up to US-12 yet just get off there and take it to Platt Road and head south to Willis Road and get back on, well he was already past US-12. It took over an hour to get through there I was talking to him for 37 minutes and in those 37 minutes he made it 2 miles.

I said well why don't you use a GPS system use Google Maps and if you had been using Google Maps they would have routed you around that traffic jam. You should have got off at I-96 and took that to I-275 south. So I called him this morning to ask him where he made it to last night and he said he was in Marysville, Ohio. Then I got thinking you must of went down US-68 from Findlay instead of following OH-15 to US-23 to go toward Columbus it's really not the wrong way to go but I don't think it's the quickest. I then told him that if I had gone with him and been driving we would have been much further down the road.


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