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Recent Road Trips (12/22 to 12/26) - California

Started by boilerup25, December 28, 2023, 04:50:49 PM

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As part of a holiday trip with my family, I recently took a road trip with them in California. I visited Lake Forest, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Stockton, and Elk Grove. During this trip, I was able to traverse miles of roadway I haven't covered yet.

12/22 - Arrived from PHL to LAX. Traversed I-405 SB and I-5 SB to Lake Forest.
12/23 - Trip from Lake Forest to Long Beach and LA. Followed I-5 NB, I-405 NB, and I-710 SB to the Queen Mary exit in Long Beach. Visited the Queen Mary and saw the new I-710 bridge from the ship. Followed I-710 NB to I-5 NB, then US 101 NB to Hollywood and the Griffith Observatory. Visited the Griffith Observatory, then took La Cienega Boulevard (formerly proposed CA 170) SB to I-405 and I-5 SB until Lake Forest.
12/24 - Trip from Lake Forest to Stockton and Elk Grove. Followed I-5 NB until Stockton, then took local roads to CA 99 NB until Elk Grove.
12/25 - Trip from Elk Grove to Lake Forest. Took CA 99 SB to I-5 SB until Lake Forest.
12/26 - Trip to Long Beach and Buena Park. Took I-5 NB, I-405 NB, and CA 22 WB to Long Beach. Took CA 22 EB, I-605 NB, CA 91 EB, and CA 39 SB to Downey Park. Took CA 39 NB, CA 91 EB, and I-5 SB to Lake Forest. Returned to LAX Airport via I-5 NB and I-405 NB.

No newly clinched highways from this trip, but added mileage onto I-5 in California, I-710, I-605, CA 22, CA 99, CA 39, and CA 91. Also traversed a former portion of CA 170.


Photos from 12/23 -

I-405 NB:

This sign has old button copy on it.

I-710 NB:

US 101 NB:


Photos from 12/24 -

I-5 NB at the Newhall Pass Interchange


Photos from 12/25 -

CA 99 SB at the West Bakersfield Interchange / CA 58 realignment under construction:


Photos from 12/26 -

CA 22 EB at the I-405/I-605 junction:

- This junction also has old button copy signs.

I-605 NB:

CA 91 EB:

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