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Author Topic: Youthful Misconceptions  (Read 48601 times)


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Re: Youthful Misconceptions
« Reply #225 on: November 24, 2019, 06:51:28 PM »

I'm *extremely* unfamiliar with southern NJ and the Philly area. Can anyone explain to me how the gap in the 95 developed? Seems like it could have been routed to interchanges with ramps. I know the plans for original 95 freeway route were scrapped, but why was the original routing plan itself not scrapped and 95 rerouted to another stretch of pavement? I'm sure this is an easy answer; I assume it's something to do with tolls?

This has been discussed at some length in the thread dealing with the I-95/Pennsylvania Turnpike interchange, but in brief, the freeway plan that was scrapped in 1982 (the Somerset Freeway) would have run in or close to the US 1 corridor between Trenton and what is now I-287, a bit to the north of the Turnpike.  The language removing it from the Interstate network provided for I-95 to be routed along the Pennsylvania Turnpike (via a direct connection that did not exist until last year) and across the Delaware River and then along the New Jersey Turnpike.  Although it took almost 40 years to develop the interchange project, it was never abandoned, and to do so would likely have involved giving up Interstate Construction funds.  (It has been described as the "golden spike" in the Interstate system because it was the last segment for which IC funds could be used.)

Stranger drivers in my situation--going from DC to NY and wishing to stay on freeways while avoiding both the Delaware Memorial Bridge and the bottom segment of the NJ Turnpike--would have benefited from interim signing guiding us along what is now I-295 and I-195 (past the then missing direct connection) to the NJ Turnpike access point.  I do not recall that this was provided, and in all honesty, this is a bit of a gumboil routing around the north of Trenton.

Thank you for the summary. Do you know if there's a map that has the original routing, versus what became the signed route?

If I had another question, I guess it would be about the timeline. What held up that connection for so long? I-90 through King County, WA, took about 25 years to come to complete fruition, and I thought that was a long timeline (despite the hundreds of acres of ROW needed for construction). Here, it doesn't seem like there was anything holding it up. There must have been something significant, but if the project was maintained for 40 years for funding purposes, it would seem to me that "getting it done" would have been a higher priority since the 80s.


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Re: Youthful Misconceptions
« Reply #226 on: December 04, 2019, 09:42:24 PM »

So I know this isn’t a highway-related misconception, but highway-adjacent...

When I was a kid/teen/probably a bit now, I always had really strange knowledge gaps about the weirdest things.
My best friend at the time, my mom, and I were playing a neat board game we found somewhere that was supposed to teach life lessons - my friend and I were 16 or 17 year old fairly intelligent and not particularly sheltered young women at the time, and I think it was more like a game to laugh at the absurd answers.........

Until I answered the open-ended,  “Your car is on fire...” scenario with “call AAA.”

So, I’d apparently been raised that when you have any car issue, you call AAA. My mother has not realized she’d accidentally and inadvertently taught me this, and spluttered through tears of laughter, “Right, nothing like getting in a middleman. I love getting bounced around customer service when I’m in something that’s ON FIRE. For them to ask if they should call the fire department for you? Did you at least get out of the car for your little chat with AAA?”
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Re: Youthful Misconceptions
« Reply #227 on: December 05, 2019, 11:21:36 AM »

When I was growing up in Michigan, I lived within a half-mile of the Ohio state line.  My best friend at the time believed that Ohio was this place you had to get in the car and ride for hours and hours and hours and hours to get to.  It wasn't till he was fourteen or so before he realized that the fence at the back of the property where he lived was on the state line.   :confused:


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