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Author Topic: OKC to Nashville and Back  (Read 1070 times)


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OKC to Nashville and Back
« on: May 14, 2013, 09:52:58 PM »

Just got back from a trip from Oklahoma City to Nashville via Memphis and much of northern Mississippi. Pics can be found at:

Spent an entire day in Memphis. The construction on 240 north from TN385 to I40 was a big nuisance as too many drivers were way too fast and aggressive.  Saw zero evidence of the start of the I55/Riverside Dr interchange rebuild.  Did make the mistake of trying to exit south onto I55 from westbound Crump.  With the dual cloverleaf lanes coming from the south to go west over the river, it made for quite a quick acceleration and sharp turn.  Went down US61 to Tunica County, MS so I could come back to Memphis via I69.  Nice drive.

Next day went back down 55 to 69 to "clinch" it in MS (all 11 or so miles).  Followed MS3 and US49 south to Tchula, MS12 east to Dawson, I55 north to  Winona, US82 east to Starkville, then US45 ALT north to Verona.  MS3 is a mess in bad need of pavement rehabilitation. 49 was good all the way.  The way 82 is built east of Winona is interesting to an Okie.  It is 4 lane all the way to Starkville, but much of it is the original 2 lane carriageway with the other 2 lanes being the newer carriageway.  There are full interchanges at the major junctions. This isn't done much in OK.

It started raining near Winona. Rained on and off all the way to Verona.  Did some genealogy research, then it was off to Jackson, TN for the night. 45 is really good in MS with interchanges at the major junctions. It was worse in TN as here were far too many traffic lights. 

Next day was on to Nashville.  No major projects. I missed getting photos of the new TN840 signs east of Dickson. They showed Franklin as the control city.

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