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Author Topic: Interstate 2  (Read 121545 times)


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Re: Interstate 2
« Reply #375 on: September 05, 2018, 12:50:04 AM »

In my trips from Laredo down to McAllen, using TX 359 to Hebbronville was definitely the way to go rather than US 83; from there, I tried FM 1017  and TX 285 and both ways took about the same time, although northbound I'd imagine the FM 1017 checkpoint is unlikely to be backed up while the one on US 281 south of Falfurrias gets a lot more traffic, being on the main route to San Antonio and points north. Then again, if I had an unreliable car I'd probably want to be use 281 and 285; 1017 is pretty desolate south of Hebbronville until you get to FM 2686 (I don't remember seeing anyone coming the opposite direction for miles at a time). I never tried any of the options using FM 649.

The one time I used US 83 it was over an hour slower, although north of Roma it's not terrible (Zapata is the only town of much note between there and Laredo); the only reason to go that way if you're headed anywhere east of Roma would be to avoid la migra, or if you just want to spend more time near civilization. It's also a little more scenic although much of its alignment is well away from the river.


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