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County Road 765 joins Cape Coral in Lee County with Punta Gorda in Charlotte County along an 18.8 mile course. The road is better known by its formal name, Burnt Store Road, as it extends north from the junction of SR 78 (Pine Island Road) and CR 884 (Veterans Parkway) through northern reaches of Cape Coral. The road varies between platted subdivisions, vacant land and Yucca Pens Wildlife Management Area to the county line. Northward through Charlotte County, CR 765 passes by several communities and Charlotte Harbor Preserve State Park to southern areas of Punta Gorda. Burnt Store Road meets U.S. 41 (Tamiami Trail) opposite Jones Loop Road (CR 768) before continuing north a short distance to an end at Taylor Road (CR 765A).

Burnt Store Road was completed between the Lee County line and U.S. 41 (Tamiami Trail) between late 1969 and 1970 by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). The state transferred maintenance of the road to Charlotte County in the intervening years.1

A 2.6 mile portion of County Road 765 was expanded to four lanes just north of the Lee County line by the Burnt Store Marina community. Work on what was the phase 3 widening project of Burnt Store Road ran from March 10, 2014 to September 10, 2015. A previous portion of CR 765 was widened northward from Notre Dame Boulevard to U.S. 41 at Jones Loop Road. Known as phase 1, widening here was completed in 2012.1

Phase 2 widening of Burnt Store Road, from Zemel Road to Notre Dame Boulevard, will link the two expanded sections. Bids for the $3.19-million construction project are due on March 3, 2017.2

Widening of Burnt Store Road in Lee County is underway in a three phase project. Construction started on the north section, between Diplomat and Van Buren Parkways in 2014 and concluded in January 2018.4 The $15.3 million portion constructed a new northbound roadway to the east of the existing lanes, added overpasses above canals next to the aforementioned parkways, and constructed bike paths and sidewalks. A wide median accommodates the addition of J-turns to eliminate cross traffic outside of intersections with Embers and Tropicana Parkways.3 The new bridges also include space for illuminated pedestrian walkways lining the respective canals.

Work on the central segment, from Tropicana Parkway to Diplomat Parkway was underway as of November 2016. Estimated to cost $7.2 million, work here runs through Spring 2020 and precedes construction between SR 78 (Pine Island Road) and Tropicana Parkway. The $8.7 million south segment is scheduled for 2018/19 with an estimated completion of Fall 2023.4 Long range plans call for expanding County Road 765 to six overall lanes in Cape Coral.3

County Road 765 North
Burnt Store Road extends north from the end of Veterans Parkway by Coral Shores shopping center. The lone confirming marker for County Road 765 appears just ahead of Ceitus Parkway. Photo taken 10/19/14.
Lee County Road 765 transitions into Charlotte County Road 9.2 miles north of SR 78 (Pine Island Road). Burnt Store Road was expanded to four-lanes at forthcoming Vincent Avenue by summer 2015. Photo taken 12/26/16.
Phase 3 widening of Burnt Store Road extended between Vincent Avenue and Yacht Club Boulevard / Colony Parkway. The four-lane segment maintains a 55-mph speed limit and has only five intersections for cross traffic, including one ahead for Peppercorn Road. Photo taken 12/26/16.
Zemel Road is a minor collector that extends east from Charlotte County Road 765 (Burnt Store Road) to the Charlotte County landfill and U.S. 41. Otherwise Burnt Store Road kinks northeast as Yacht Club Drive stems west into Pirate Harbor subdivision and Colony Parkway leaves east for Burnt Store Colony. Photo taken 12/26/16.
Burnt Store Road tapers back to two lanes beyond Yacht Club Boulevard and Colony Parkway. The final phase of widening for CR 765 (phase 2) is in the design stage with construction yet to be determined. Photo taken 12/26/16.
Resuming a course north, CR 765 borders Charlotte Harbor Preserve State Park to its east. The park is one of the largest in the state and protects over 100 miles of shoreline along Charlotte Harbor.5 Photo taken 12/26/16.
Though referenced as Charlotte County Road 768, unnumbered Acline Road leads east from CR 765 to become South Jones Loop Road and CR 768 east of Taylor Road (CR 765A). Photo taken 12/26/16.
The lone confirming marker for CR 765 north within Charlotte County stands beyond Acline Road. Photo taken 12/26/16.
CR 765 angles to meet U.S. 41 (Tamiami Trail) and CR 768 (North Jones Loop Road) ahead. Photo taken 12/26/16.
Charlotte County Road 765 ends at the traffic signal ahead while U.S. 41 angles northwest into Punta Gorda and southeast to Fort Myers. CR 768 stems east along the northern leg of Jones Loop Road to meet Taylor Road (CR 765A) and I-75. Burnt Store Road otherwise continues north from CR 768 a short distance to Taylor Road. Photo taken 12/26/16.
County Road 765 South
A County Road 768 pentagon references Acline Road east from County Road 765 (Burnt Store Road) in Punta Gorda. Acline Road is unnumbered however as it stems east to U.S. 41 and Taylor Road (CR 765A) at South Jones Loop Road. CR 768 takes a circuitous route along all of South and North Jones Loop Roads. Photo taken 11/27/14.
Charlotte County Road 765 is unmarked along Burnt Store Road as it leads south from Punta Gorda. This scene looks at phase 1 widened section south of Royal Poinciana. Photo taken 11/27/14.
Approaching Notre Dame Boulevard and the end of the phase 1 widened stretch of Burnt Store Road on CR 765 south. Photo taken 11/24/16.
Notre Dame Boulevard constitutes a minor collector east from Burnt Store Road to U.S. 41 through a rural street grid. Photo taken 11/27/14.
Phase 2 widening will add a second roadway to the rural stretch of CR 765 south to Zemel Road. Photo taken 11/27/14.
Burnt Store Road runs along the eastern boundary of Charlotte Harbor Preserve State Park through south Punta Gorda. Photo taken 11/24/16.
Charlotte County Road 765 (Burnt Store Road) transitions to a rural two-lane highway with a 55 mile per hour speed limit. Photo taken 11/26/16.
Angling southwest, Burnt Store Road nears the phase 3 widened section in southwest Charlotte County. Photo taken 11/26/16.
Southbound traffic shifts to a new roadway just ahead of the Burnt Store Road intersection with Yacht Club Boulevard west and Colony Parkway east. Photo taken 11/26/16.
A second left turn joins CR 765 south with Zemel Road east as Burnt Store Road separates with a grassy median. Photo taken 11/26/16.
Cross traffic is limited to five intersections along the four-lane segment between the Burnt Store Lakes and Village communities. Photo taken 11/26/16.
County Road 765 reduces back to a two lane highway with a rural design at Vincent Avenue. Photo taken 11/26/16.
Burnt Store Road crosses into Lee County just south of Vincent Avenue. Protected lands of Yucca Pens Preserve spreads to the east. Photo taken 11/26/16.
A reassurance marker for Lee County Road 765 stands between the county line and Burnt Store Marina golf course community. Photo taken 11/27/14.
Burnt Store Road enters the Cape Coral city limits between Charlee Road and Yucca Pen Creek. Photo taken 11/26/16.
Initial widening of Burnt Store Road in Lee County focused on CR 765 between Gator Slough and Tropicana Parkway. Construction added new northbound travel lanes, with an initial overpass built at the canal parallel to Van Buren Parkway. Photo taken 11/26/16.
A pre-construction look at CR 765 (Burnt Store Road) south at Diplomat Parkway. Diplomat Parkway comprises a divided boulevard east across the Cape Coral street grid to U.S. 41 at Palmona Park. Photo taken 11/27/14.
A second overpass was built along Burnt Store Road and spans the canal paralleling Diplomat Parkway. J-turns connect the southbound lanes with roads leading east from CR 765. Photo taken 11/26/16.
Embers Parkway intersects CR 765 east from Old Burnt Store Road and west from SR 78 at Nicholas Parkway. This intersection will be retained in future widening. Photo taken 11/27/14.
Lee County Road 765 (Burnt Store Road) south ends across from Lee County Road 884 (Veterans Parkway) at forthcoming Pine Island Road (CR 78 west / SR 78 east). Veterans Parkway arcs southeast to the tolled Midpoint Bridge into Fort Myers. Photo taken 11/27/14.
County Road 78 extends west along Pine Island Road to Matlacha and Stringfellow Road (CR 767) at Pine Island Center. SR 78 begins to the east. Following Pine Island Road to North Fort Myers, the state road constitutes a bustling commercial corridor across north Cape Coral. Photo taken 12/24/16.
County Road 765 Archive
Scene along Lee County Road 765 north as it enters Charlotte County prior to the widening completed in summer 2015. Photo taken 07/09/11.
Erroneous SR 41 shields directed motorists to U.S. 41 via Acline Road during phase 1 widening of Burnt Store Road at Punta Gorda. Photo taken 07/09/11.
During phase 1 widening, the intersection of Burnt Store and North Jones Loop Roads with U.S. 41 was closed for reconstruction, so through traffic was temporarily defaulted onto Acline Road. Photo taken 07/09/11.

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