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Florida State Road 60 West
A folded diamond interchange was constructed by 2007 between SR 60 (Courtney Campbell Causeway) and Bayport Drive. This eliminated an at-grade intersection. Photo taken 06/26/15.
SR 60 (Courtney Campbell Causeway) stems west from the Veterans Expressway with six overall lanes to Rocky Point. This portion consists of a full freeway. Photo taken 06/05/20.
Congestion ensues from the forthcoming traffic lights at Rocky Point as a loop ramp leaves SR 60 west for Bayport Drive. Bayport Drive comprises a local road to adjacent Bayport Plaza business complex. Photo taken 06/05/20.
Courtney Campbell Causeway carries SR 60 west ten miles across northern reaches of Old Tampa Bay. The road honors Courtney Campbell, a state road board member from Clearwater that advocated for improvements along the pivotal roadway. Photo taken 06/05/20.
Reassurance marker for SR 60 posted after the on-ramp from Bayport Drive. Photo taken 06/05/20.
SR 60 (Courtney Campbell Causeway) reaches Rocky Point, a narrow strip of land jutting out into Old Tampa Bay. Rocky Point Drive intersects the state road here, serving a number of condos, offices, and restaurants. Photo taken 06/05/20.
The second Rocky Point traffic light includes a protected turn onto Bay Harbor Boulevard south to an adjacent hotel and restaurant. Photo taken 06/05/20.
A series of frontage roads skim the shallow waters of Old Tampa Bay along Courtney Campbell Causeway. Several access points are available to these roads which straddle Ben T. Davis Municipal Beach. Photo taken 06/05/20.
SR 60 curves westward alongside Ben. T. Davis Municipal Beach along a narrow strip of land. Finished in June 2019, a bridge was constructed over a new channel. The $12 million project restores tidal flow to areas of Old Tampa Bay previously cut off by the creation of Courtney Campbell Parkway.1 Photo taken 06/05/20.
Shallow waters and marshland spread to the north of SR 60 along Ben T. Davis Municipal Beach. A reassurance marker stands beyond the inlet bridge west of Rocky Point. The speed limit is 60 miles per hour along the four lane causeway. Photo taken 06/05/20.
Continuing west from the second access point to Ben T. Davis Beach. Photo taken 11/15/16.
A second traffic light for Ben T. Davis Beach operates at the third beach access point from SR 60 opposite a boat ramp. Photo taken 06/05/20.
SR 60 ascends over the main navigation channel of Old Tampa Bay. Paralleling the span to the south is a 45 foot tall bicycle/pedestrian bridge built as part of Courtney Campbell Causeway Trail.2 Photo taken 11/15/16.
Courtney Campbell Causeway Trail stretches west from the Veterans Expressway into Clearwater, where it ties into the Pinellas Trail. Costing $23 million, the multi-use path was completed on June 22, 2015.2 Photo taken 06/05/20.
2 photos
2 photos
The narrow span across Old Tampa Bay was built in 1974 and reconstructed in 1993. Photo taken 08/05/14. Second photo taken 06/05/20.
All 9.5 miles of Courtney Campbell Causeway double as a Florida Scenic Highway. The designation was approved for the roadway in 2005. Photo taken 06/05/20.
A mileage sign for Clearwater Beach precedes the turn off for the north side frontage road. Photo taken 06/05/20.
SR 60 enters Pinellas County approximately two thirds of the way across Courtney Campbell Causeway. Photo taken 06/05/20.
Continuing west from the Hillsborough County line, SR 60 enters the city of Clearwater and approaches the west shore of Old Tampa Bay. A narrow north side frontage road remains in place to the last inlet. Photo taken 11/15/16.
Formerly Damascus Road, Dr. Kiran C. Patel Boulevard spurs northeast from SR 60 to the Tampa Bay Regional Campus of Nova Southeastern University at the Courtney Campbell Causeway west end. Photo taken 06/05/20.
SR 60 transitions to Gulf to Bay Boulevard into Clearwater beyond Dr. Kiran C. Patel Boulevard and the final beach access point. Photo taken 06/05/20.
Bayshore Boulevard ties into SR 60 (Gulf to Bay Boulevard) from the Cooper Bayou area and Safety Harbor to the north. Photo taken 06/05/20.
Nearing the single point urban interchange (SPUI) with County Road 611. CR 611 follows McMullen-Booth Road north to Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater's performing arts center, and south along the Bayside Bridge to Clearwater-St. Petersburg International Airport (PIE). Photo taken 11/15/16.
County Road 611 passes over SR 60 via the Bayside Bridge freeway end from Old Tampa Bay to the south. The county road transitions into a six-lane arterial (McMullen-Booth Road) leading north to Safety Harbor and north Clearwater. Photo taken 11/15/16.
U.S. 19 Alternate North Florida State Road 60 West
U.S. 19 Alternate overlaps with SR 60 west for 0.53 miles from Missouri Avenue south to Myrtle Avenue north. Photo taken 04/03/20.
Advancing west toward Downtown Clearwater, U.S. 19 ALT/SR 60 (Court Street) intersect Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive. Photo taken 04/03/20.
U.S. 19 ALT/SR 60 partition into a one-way couplet along Court Street west and Chestnut Street east ahead of Prospect Avenue and their split at Myrtle Avenue. Photo taken 04/03/20.
U.S. 19 Alternate follows Myrtle Avenue north to Fort Harrison Avenue en route to Dunedin, Ozona and Palm Harbor. Photo taken 04/03/20.
Prior to 2007, U.S. 19 Alternate followed Fort Harrison Avenue through Downtown Clearwater, intersecting SR 60 (Court Street) at the ensuing traffic light. Photo taken 04/03/20.
Florida State Road 60 West
SR 60 (Court Street) passes between the Pinellas County Courthouse and the Pinellas County Government Building west of Ft. Harrison Avenue (old U.S. 19 ALT). Photo taken 04/03/20.
Oak Avenue ties into SR 60 (Court Street) across from the Pinellas County Parking Garage. Photo taken 04/03/20.
2 photos
2 photos
A U-turn provides return access to Downtown Clearview along SR 60 east along Chestnut Street at the beginning of Clearwater Memorial Causeway. Photos taken 04/03/20.
SR 60 makes an S-curve northward onto the Memorial Causeway Bridge across the Intracoastal Waterway. Photo taken 04/03/20.
The Memorial Causeway Bridge rises to a height of 72 feet above Clearwater Harbor.3 Constructed between December 2002 and August 2005, the high rise span replaced a low level draw bridge.4 Photo taken 04/03/20.
The south end of Clearwater Beach comes into view from the Memorial Causeway Bridge westbound. Photo taken 04/03/20.
SR 60 lowers onto Clearwater Memorial Causeway across Clearwater Harbor. Multi use trails line both sides of the four lane parkway. Photo taken 04/03/20.
2 photos
2 photos
Island Way stems north from Clearwater Memorial Causeway to the Island Estates community and Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Photos taken 04/03/20.
The final reassurance marker for SR 60 stands beyond Island Way. Photo taken 04/03/20.
High rise condominiums line the Gulf of Mexico along Clearwater Beach. Photo taken 04/03/20.
SR 60 crosses Mandalay Channel west from Clearwater Memorial Causeway. Photo taken 04/03/20.
State Road 60 concludes westbound at the bridge spanning Mandalay Channel into Clearwater Beach. Photo taken 04/03/20.
Causeway Boulevard extends a short distance west from the end of SR 60 to a roundabout with Poinsettia Avenue north, Mandalay Avenue north and Coronado Drive south. Photo taken 04/03/20.
Mandalay Avenue heads to the north end of Clearwater Beach Island. Coronado Drive connects Causeway Boulevard with Sand Key and Bellair Beach to the south via Gulf Boulevard (CR 245). Photo taken 04/03/20.

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