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Known as Lillian Highway from its former continuation west to Alabama, State Road 298 links U.S. 98 and Escambia County 297 at Millview with SR 295 at West Pensacola. The alignment from Perdido Bay east to U.S. 90 was a part of the original course of U.S. 98 in southwest Escambia County.

An unsigned County Road 298A remains in service along Jackson Street from SR 727 (Fairfield Drive) east to U.S. 98 & SR 292 (Pace Boulevard). This alignment was a secondary state road originally.

Florida State Road 298 East
SR 298 initially leads north parallel to Heron Bayou from U.S. 98 at Millview. The state road passes by a few subdivisions before reaching Perdido Bay. 01/31/06
The brackish waters of Perdido Bay spread into view along the north side of Lillian Highway from Millview to San Sebastian Circle near Bayou Marcus. 01/31/06
Eastbound SR 298 meets SR 173 (Blue Angel Parkway) a mile or so east of Perdido Bay. 08/01/06
Blue Angel Parkway carries all 11.93 miles of State Road 173 between Gulf Beach Highway (CR-292A) near Pleasant Grove and SR 297 (Pineforest Road) at Bellview. SR 173 forms an arc from the West Gate of Pensacola N.A.S. to SR 297, south of Interstate 10. 08/01/06
0.75 miles east of SR 173 is the signalized intersection with SR 727. SR 727 follows Fairfield Drive north from SR 292 and the Bayou Grande area to encircle Myrtle Grove east to SR 295 (New Warrington Spur). 05/16/14
Eastbound reassurance shield posted along Lillian Highway as it departs the intersection with SR 727 (Fairfield Drive). SR 298 follows its final 2.9 miles through residential areas of Myrtle Grove and West Pensacola. 05/16/14
69th Avenue intersects SR 298 (Lillian Highway) at the first in a series of traffic lights through Myrtle Grove. 05/16/14
65th Avenue lines the west side of Escambia High School and Emmitt Smith Field, northward from SR 298 to SR 727 (Fairfield Drive). Emmitt Smith, a Hall of Famer, was a running back for the Dallas Cowboys who attended the high school. 05/16/14
57th Avenue leads south from Fairfield Drive (SR 727) to SR 298 at this traffic light. The residential through road extends south to Jackson Street (CR 298A) and Admiral Doyle Road outside Corry Station. 05/16/14
SR 298 passes underneath the New Warrington Spur expressway of SR 295 without direct access. 05/16/14
SR 298 emerges from the overpasses ahead of New Warrington Road, a branch of SR 295 traveling at-grade to U.S. 90 (Mobile Highway).
This shield assembly was removed by April 2011. 05/16/04
Lillian Highway intersects New Warrington Road, which doubles as a 0.482-mile segment of SR 295 connecting the expressway with SR 298 and U.S. 90 (Mobile Highway). SR 298 ends here, but Lillian Highway continues a short distance further to CR-295A and Border Street. 05/16/14
Florida State Road 298 West
Westbound Lillian Highway at New Warrington Road (SR 295) and the start of SR 298. This two lane segment of New Warrington Road is part of a longer alignment between U.S. 98 (Navy Boulevard) and U.S. 90 (Mobile Highway). 12/21/03
Westbound Lillian Highway at New Warrington Road (SR 295) and the beginning of SR 298. This two lane segment of New Warrington Road is part of a longer alignment between U.S. 98 (Navy Boulevard) and U.S. 90 (Mobile Highway). 01/31/06
Lillian Highway passes by Pensacola Plaza shopping center and enters the unincorporated community of Myrtle Grove. 01/31/06
The first SR 298 reassurance shield precedes the SR 295 expressway (New Warrington Spur) over crossing. The expressway portion of SR 295 (New Warrington Spur) opened in 1973 with interchanges at U.S. 90 (Mobile Highway) and Fairfield Drive (SR 727 south). 01/31/06
57th Street meets Lillian Highway at the first of three signalized intersections through Myrtle Grove. The numbered street connects SR 298 with SR 727 (Fairfield Drive) to the north and Jackson Street to the south. 01/31/06
SR 298 (Lillian Highway) west at 65th Street by Escambia High School. 01/31/06
69th Avenue leads 0.75 miles north to SR 727 and one quarter mile south to Jackson Street (CR-298A). 01/31/06
SR 727 turns southward to meet SR 298 directly at the next westbound traffic light. Fairfield Drive continues south from Myrtle Grove to SR 292 (Gulf Beach Highway) near Bayou Grande. 01/31/06
SR 727 totals 6.52 miles in an arc north from SR 292 to SR 295. SR 295 overtakes Fairfield Drive northeast to Interstate 110 (Exit 4) and SR 289 (Ninth Avenue). 01/31/06
SR 298 (Lillian Highway) leaves the Myrtle Grove area west from SR 727 en route to Perdido Bay. 05/16/14
SR 173 (Blue Angel Parkway, a 11.93-mile route between the West Gate of Pensacola N.A.S. and SR 297 near Bellview, intersects SR 298 next. 05/16/14
Westbound SR 298 at SR 173. Blue Angel Parkway encircles the western suburbs of Pensacola to Pensacola N.A.S. Part of the route remains rural, with the southernmost arc from SR 292 to the Naval Station expanded to four lanes. 05/16/14
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2 photos
West from SR 173, SR 298 (Lillian Highway) enters the unincorporated Millview area along Perdido Bay. 05/16/14
The final stretch of SR 298 (Lillian Highway) turns southward from Perdido Bay to intersect U.S. 98 and Escambia County Road 297. 05/16/14
SR 298 concludes at U.S. 98 (Lillian Highway west) and County Road 297 (Dog Track Road) south. CR-297 ventures south to SR 173 and Pleasant Grove. U.S. 98 westbound travels 3.6 miles to the Alabama state line across Perdido Bay. 05/16/14
Lillian Highway - East
2 photos
2 photos
Old Corry Field Road winds southward from SR 295 (New Warrington Road) to SR 292 (Barrancas Avenue). The road doubles as CR 295A, a 2.72-mile long route only signed at Navy Boulevard. Lillian Highway originally continued east to merge with U.S. 90. 05/16/04, 05/17/14
A small stretch of original U.S. 90 twin slab concrete remained in place between U.S. 90 (Mobile Highway) eastbound and Lillian Highway at the Burlington Northern Railroad tracks. The roadway provides an eastbound connection from U.S. 90 to Border Street. 05/16/04

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