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Florida State Road 742 travels across northern reaches of Pensacola. The state road follows Burgess Road between U.S. 29 and Hilburn Road, and Creighton Road between Hilburn Road and U.S. 90 (Scenic Highway).

Widening of Creighton Road in 1995, from Lanier Drive west to SR 291, coincided with the relocation of SR 742. The state road shifted north from two-lane Burgess Road, between SR 291 (Davis Highway) and Lanier Drive, to the new five-lane alignment of Creighton Road. Signs posted along the former Burgess Road alignment east from Davis Highway to Lanier Drive remained in place until late-2004, when a new overpass for Creighton Road across Interstate 110 was completed. The new span replaced the nearby bridge for Burgess Road over I-110, which was subsequently demolished. Accommodating four lanes, the Creighton Road span over I-110 opened in early November 2004.

Florida State Road 742 East
The first eastbound shield of SR 742 (missing by 2012) was posted along an "S" curve section of Burgess Road just east of U.S. 29 (Pensacola Boulevard). The two-lane roadway curves northeast around the Greyhound Bus Terminal on the half mile drive to the intersection with Palafox Street. Photo taken 05/07/04.
SR 742 (Burgess Road) eastbound at junction Escambia County Road 95A (Palafox Street). Palafox Street constitutes the original alignment of U.S. 29 between Brent in north Pensacola to Cantonment. The former western end of SR 290 (Olive Road) is just 0.75 miles to the north. Photo taken 09/30/12.
Reassurance marker posted along Burgess Road east of Palafox Street. The state road passes by Woodham High School and suburban style subdivisions between CR-95A and Carpenter Creek. Photo taken 05/17/14.
SR 742 dog legs northward from Burgess Road to Creighton Road along Hillburn Road. A seamless connection between Burgess and Creighton remains planned, but no timetable for the realignment, which includes a crossing over Carpenter Creek, is set. Photo taken 07/24/11.
Hillburn Road continues north to a couple of apartment communities and subdivisions as SR 742 joins the west end of Creighton Road. Creighton Road replaced Burgess Road to the south as part of the 2002-08 construction of Interstate 110. Photo taken 05/17/14.
Creighton Road immediately expands SR 742 to four overall lanes as the state road crosses Interstate 110. Access to the freeway is not available from SR 742. Photo taken 05/17/14.
Plantation Road connects SR 742 (Creighton Road) with the continuation of Burgess Road to the south. Photo taken 05/17/14.
SR 742 includes a center turn lane ahead of the commercialized intersection with SR 291 (Davis Highway). University Town Plaza resides on the northwest corner of the state road junction. Photo taken 05/17/14.
SR 291 (Davis Highway) constitutes the main commercial roadway of northeastern Pensacola. Retail lines the route from West Florida Hospital southward to State Road 295 (Fairfield Drive). SR 291 connects SR 742 with Interstate 10 (Exit 13) nearby. Photo taken 05/17/14.
An 8.67-mile route, SR 291 generally serves local traffic south of Interstate 10. North of the freeway, the state road splits with University Parkway for interests to the University of West Florida. Connections with U.S. 90 Alternate (Nine Mile Road) at the north end lead commuters to Pace in Santa Rosa County. Photo taken 07/24/11.
Continuing east from Davis Highway along Creighton Road. A number of small businesses line SR 742 east in front of a residential street grid from SR 291 to SR 289 (Ninth Avenue). Photo taken 07/24/11.
SR 289 (Ninth Avenue) and SR 742 (Creighton Road) come together at two shopping centers in northeast Pensacola. Traveling 7.28 miles, SR 289 begins as the hidden counterpart of U.S. 98 between Chase and Cerventes Streets before emerging as a stand alone route along 9th Avenue north to Olive Road. The arterial provides the main route to Pensacola State College, Cordova Mall and Pensacola International Airport from the north. Photo taken 12/20/03.
Continuing eastward into residential areas along Creighton Road. SR 289 now behind, SR 742 reduces to two overall lanes from Shades Drive to the terminus at U.S. 90. Photo taken 05/09/04.
SR 742 (Creighton Road) descends toward its end at U.S. 90 (Scenic Highway) near Gull Point of Escambia Bay. Photo taken 05/15/14.
The intersection between the two highways was reconstructed in the early 2000s and was unsignalized despite the blind curve along U.S. 90 until 2005. Photo taken 05/15/14.
Florida State Road 742 West
Ascending SR 742 (Creighton Road) westbound from U.S. 90 (Scenic Highway) into the Scenic Heights residential area of northeast Pensacola. Speed limits posted on Creighton Road east of the four-lane portion are set at 35 miles per hour. Photo taken 05/09/04.
The first traffic light along SR 742 (Creighton Road) westbound is located 0.7 miles west of U.S. 90 (Scenic Highway) at Old Spanish Trail. Old Spanish Trail represents the original roadway of State Road 1 throughout northern Florida. The historic auto trail followed what was U.S. 80 from San Diego, California east to U.S. 90 at Van Horn, Texas and U.S. 90 east from there to Florida. This section of the Old Spanish Trail serves residential areas between SR 742 and Summit Boulevard to the south. Photo taken 05/25/05.
Entering the commercialized intersection with SR 289 (Ninth Avenue) on SR 742 (Creighton Road) west. Creighton Road widens to five lanes at Shades Drive just east of Ninth Avenue. Photo taken 02/02/06.
Reassurance marker for SR 742 west posted after SR 289 by Eastgate Plaza shopping center. A signal follows for a Wal-mart entrance. Photo taken 02/02/06.
Tippin Avenue leads south from residential areas alongside Interstate 10 to become a through road from SR 742 to 12th Avenue at College Boulevard by Pensacola State College and Pensacola International Airport. Photo taken 04/25/10.
SR 291 shield posted along Creighton Road westbound at Davis Highway. SR 742 used to turn southward onto Davis Highway (SR 291) briefly to its intersection with Burgess Road. That overlap was removed upon completion of the Creighton Road overpass above Interstate 110 in November 2004. Photo taken 04/25/10.
Westbound SR 742 after the intersection with Davis Highway. The former University Mall lies along the northwestern quadrant of the junction. Photo taken 02/09/09.
Plantation Road links SR 742 (Creighton Road) with parallel Burgess Road (former SR 742) to the south. Creighton Road originally ended at Plantation Road. Photo taken 02/02/06.
SR 742 crosses Interstate 110 between Plantation and Hillburn Roads. The four-lane span for SR 742 was built to replace the original two-lane bridge along Burgess Road to the south. The bridge project accommodated the six-lane expansion of I-10. Photo taken 02/02/06.
SR 742 dog legs south from the west end of Creighton Road to Burgess Road via Hillburn Road south. A planned extension of Creighton Road will directly link SR 742 with Burgess Road to the west. Photo taken 05/25/05.
1.4 miles west of Hillburn Road, SR 742 (Burgess Road) meets Escambia County Road 95A (Palafox Street). Palafox Street comprises the original U.S. 29 alignment east of Pensacola Boulevard between Brent and Cantonment. The two-lane highway remains a fairly busy surface route. Photo taken 02/02/06.
SR 742 (Burgess Road) westbound at Escambia County Road 95A (Palafox Street). Escambia County Road 95A ends 2.1 miles to the south at its junction with U.S. 29 (Pensacola Boulevard) near SR 296 (Brent Lane). The former western terminus of SR 290 (Olive Road) occurs 0.7 miles to the north at Palafox Street. Photo taken 05/25/05.
The final westbound SR 742 shield lies along Burgess Road after its intersection with Escambia County Road 95A (Palafox Street). The two-lane roadway winds 0.6 miles west to its end at U.S. 29 (Pensacola Boulevard). Photo taken 07/24/11.
An "S" curve carries the final leg of SR 742 along Burgess Road south to U.S. 29. The roadway ends just south of the directional interchange with Interstate 10 (Exit 10). Photo taken 07/24/11.
SR 29 shields were posted (replaced in 2012) in lieu of U.S. 29 shields at the western terminus of SR 742 (Burgess Road). SR 29 shields were also posted at the southern terminus of U.S. 29 in 2003. U.S. 29 ends six miles to the south near downtown Pensacola. Northward the US highway travels 8.6 miles to Cantonment. Photo taken 07/24/11.
Old Florida State Road 742 / Burgess Road - East
SR 742 eastbound shield formerly posted on the Burgess Road alignment between SR 291 (Davis Highway) and Lanier Drive. Following completion of the Creighton Road widening project in 1995, SR 742 shields were erected along the arterial from SR 291 (Davis Highway) eastward. SR 742 markers however remained along Burgess Road for almost another ten years. Photo taken 12/20/03.
The eastern end of Burgess Road at the intersection with Lanier Drive. SR 742 utilized one block of Lanier Drive to make the connection between Burgess and Creighton Roads. Photo taken 12/20/03.
Old Florida State Road 742 / Burgess Road - West
A replacement SR 742 westbound shield was posted at the beginning of Burgess Road near Lanier Drive by 2003. Despite the 1995-relocation of SR 742 onto Creighton Road north of Burgess Road, signs were maintained to 2004 along the old Burgess Road alignment between Lanier Drive and SR 291 (Davis Highway). Photo taken 12/20/03.
Burgess Road (old SR 742) westbound at SR 291 (Davis Highway). SR 742 previously dog legged north alongside SR 291 between Burgess Road and Creighton Road. Photo taken 05/25/05.
Westbound SR 742 reassurance shield previously posted along Burgess beyond SR 291 (Davis Highway). With the opening of the Creighton Road overpass across I-110 on November 6, 2004, SR 742 was relocated wholly onto Creighton Road between Davis Highway and Hillburn Road. Photo taken 07/17/04.
Burgess Road (old SR 742) westbound at the formerly signalized intersection with Plantation Road south to Creighton Road (SR 742). Removed by June 2005, the original overpass across Interstate 110 appeared in the distance. Photo taken 05/25/05.
The Burgess Road overpass just a few months before its closing and subsequent removal. The former 0.3 mile long segment of Burgess Road now ends at cul-de-sacs at Interstate 110 from both directions. Photo taken 07/17/04.
Plantation Road links Burgess and Creighton Roads along the east side of I-110. Pictured here is the traffic light at SR 742 (Creighton Road) from Plantation Road northbound. Photo taken 05/25/05.

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