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Florida State Road 836 East
Ramps from NW 137th Avenue (SR 825) combine along SR 836 eastbound ahead of an Open Road Toll (ORT) gantry. The Dolphin Expressway travels 13.5 miles from this point to the Midtown Interchange with I-95/395 at Overtown in Miami. Photo taken 03/21/20.
The SR 836 Extension between NW 137th Avenue and the Homestead Extension of Florida's Turnpike (HEFT) interchange was originally proposed in 1969, but not completed until June 2007. Photo taken 03/21/20.
SR 836 shifts southward across parallel NW 12th Street at milepost 2.0. Photo taken 03/21/20.
SR 836 curves under the westbound ramp to SR 821 (HEFT). There is no direct access between State Road 836 east and the Turnpike Extension. Photo taken 03/21/20.
The first exit from SR 836 eastbound is for SR 973 (NW 87th Avenue). A distributor roadway follows for the Palmetto Expressway (SR 826). Photo taken 03/21/20.
The second all electronic toll (AET) gantry preceded the NW 97th Avenue overpass. This point was relocated eastward and the cash toll booths demolished. Photo taken 03/21/20.
Forthcoming SR 973 follows NW/SW 87th Avenue (Galloway Road) south from parallel NW 12th Street 9.51 miles to U.S. 1 (Pinecrest Parkway) in Kendall. Photo taken 03/21/20.
Confirming marker posted after the entrance ramp from NW 107th Avenue north. Photo taken 03/21/20.
The second toll collection point along SR 836 eastbound precedes the NW 97th Avenue overpass. Photo taken 03/21/20.
SR 836 advances a half mile east from NW 97th Avenue to parclo interchange with SR 973 (NW 87th Avenue / Galloway Road). Photo taken 03/21/20.
The distributor roadway for SR 826 departs from within the exchange joining the Dolphin Expressway with SR 973 (NW 87th Avenue). A c/d roadway separates a quarter mile further for local exits. Photo taken 03/21/20.
Two lanes depart SR 836 east for SR 973 (NW 87th Avenue) in the Fountainbleau community. Photo taken 03/21/20.
The passenger terminal at Miami International Airport (MIA) is six miles ahead via SR 953 (LeJeune Road) north and NW 21st Street west. Photo taken 03/21/20.
Reconstruction of the exchange with SR 973 (Galloway Road) shifted the eastbound entrance ramp to the c/d roadway for SR 969 (NW 72nd Avenue). SR 973 formerly extended another 1.83 miles north along NW 87th Street to NW 36th Street. Photo taken 03/21/20.
Construction replacing the cloverstack interchange with left exit ramps at SR 826/836 began in 2009. The systems interchange fully opened to traffic in January 2016. Photo taken 03/21/20.
The succeeding exit from SR 836 forms the c/d roadway for SR 968 (W Flagler Street) and U.S. 41 (SW 8th Street) via SR 826 (Palmetto Expressway) south and the modified diamond interchange with SR 969 (Milam Dairy Road). Photo taken 03/21/20.
The entrance ramp from SR 973 (NW 87th Avenue) splits with ramps for both SR 836 east to MIA Airport and the roadway for SR 826 (Palmetto Expressway). Photo taken 03/21/20.
Flyovers partition for the SR 826 north to Hialeah and I-75 and south to Kendall. Built as a western limited-access bypass for Miami in the late 1950s, the Palmetto Expressway extends north to Miami Gardens and the Golden Glades Interchange (I-95) and south to U.S. 1 (Dixie Highway). Photo taken 03/21/20.
SR 969 (Milam Dairy Road) encircles the west side of Miami International Airport (MIA) from ramps with SR 836 adjacent to the Palmetto Expressway northward to SR 948 (NW 36th Street) near Virginia Gardens. Photo taken 03/21/20.
A Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) lane opens along SR 836 eastbound ahead of Lake Joanne and SR 959 (NW 57th Avenue). Photo taken 03/21/20.
Miami International Airport (MIA) comes into view one mile ahead of the diverging diamond interchange (DDI) with SR 959 (NW 57th Avenue / Red Road). Photo taken 03/21/20.
SR 959 stems 5.60 miles south along NW 72nd Avenue from adjacent Perimeter Road to U.S. 1 (South Dixie Highway) near the University of Miami. Photo taken 03/21/20.
FDOT recorded 213,000 vehicles per day (vpd) along SR 836 between SR 969 and SR 959 in 2018. Photo taken 03/21/20.
Replacing a parclo interchange, the DDI at SR 959 (NW 57th Avenue) fully opened to traffic on the morning of January 14, 2019.1 Photo taken 03/21/20.
The third AET gantry along SR 836 eastbound operates just ahead of the off-ramp for SR 959 (Red Road). Photo taken 03/21/20.
Continuing one mile beyond SR 959 (Red Road), SR 836 reaches a distributor roadway for NW 45th Avenue and SR 953 (LeJeune Road) to Miami International Airport (MIA). Photo taken 03/21/20.
The upcoming directional cloverleaf interchange for MIA Airport was rebuilt to eliminate left exit ramps. Photo taken 03/21/20.
SR 836 navigates along an S-curve alongside Blue Lagoon. Photo taken 03/21/20.
Two lanes separate from SR 836 east ahead of the half diamond interchange with NW 45th Avenue. Photo taken 03/21/20.
NW 45th Avenue runs south to NW 7th Street at Flagami and north to the MIA Airport employee parking lots. Photo taken 03/21/20.
The distributor roadway for SR 953 splits with a flyover for Le Jeune Road (NW 42nd Avenue) north to Miami International Airport (MIA) and the Airport Expressway (SR 112). SR 953 south heads across the West Flagler neighborhood to Coral Gables. Photo taken 03/21/20.
SR 953 constitutes a major arterial along Le Jeune Road north from U.S. 1 (South Dixie Highway) in Coral Gables to Hialeah and SR 916 (NW 135th Street) in Opa Locka. Photo taken 03/21/20.
The Dolphin Expressway separates the Grapeland Heights and West Flagler neighborhoods east. Photo taken 03/21/20.
SR 836 converges with SR 9 (NW 27th Avenue) in a half mile. SR 9 links the expressway with the West Little Havana neighborhood en route south to U.S. 41 (SW 8th Street) and U.S. 1 at Coconut Grove. Photo taken 03/21/20.
Two lanes leave SR 836 east at the DDI with SR 9 (NW 27th Avenue). SR 9 extends north through the Gladeview and West Little River neighborhoods before entering Opa Locka. The state road branches northeast near NW 139th Street to the Golden Glades interchange, where it becomes the hidden counterpart of I-95. Photo taken 03/21/20.
Shifting southward along NW 9th Avenue, SR 836 continues a half mile east to a parclo interchange with NW 17th Avenue. Photo taken 03/21/20.
Confirming marker posted by the NW 11th Street and NW 22nd Avenue underpasses. Photo taken 03/21/20.
Marlins Park, home of the Miami Marlins MLB franchise, comes into view just ahead of the two lane off-ramp for NW 17th Avenue. Photo taken 03/21/20.
NW 17th Avenue north connects the Dolphin Expressway with the Civic Center neighborhood and Health District. 17th Avenue continues south to Little Havana and Shenandoah. Photo taken 03/21/20.
A cable stayed toll gantry spans both roadways of SR 836 and the NW 17th Avenue off-ramp. Cash toll collection booths at the plaza were removed by 2014. Photo taken 03/21/20.
Marlins Park sits partially on the site of Orange Bowl stadium, previous home to both the Miami Dolphins (NFL franchise) and the Miami Hurricanes (NCAA). Completed in 2012, the stadium features a retractable roof and outfield glass panels, allowing for continued game play during varied weather conditions. Marlins Park is also the smallest MLB stadium in terms of actual seating capacity. Photo taken 03/21/20.
The Miami skyline and SR 933 (NW 12th Avenue) bridge over the Miami River. Photo taken 03/21/20.
The high rise bridges across the Miami River provide 72.2 feet of vertical clearance.2 Photo taken 03/21/20.
Two ramps merge onto SR 836 east from SR 933 at a parclo interchange with NW 12th Avenue. SR 836 transitions into Interstate 395 along the ensuing stretch. Photo taken 03/21/20.
The flyover for I-95 south connects with the NW 8th Street off-ramp (Exit 3B). Key Biscayne lies southeast of I-95 via Rickenbacker Causeway (Exit 1A). Photo taken 03/21/20.
Interstate 395 extends 1.29 miles east from the forthcoming Midtown Interchange with I-95 to MacArthur Causeway (SR A1A). SR 836 underlays I-395 to SR A1A. Photo taken 03/21/20.
SR 836 spans NW 14th Street leading into the Midtown Interchange. I-95 connects the Dolphin Expressway with Liberty City and other northern Miami neighborhoods en route to Fort Lauderdale in adjacent Broward County. Photo taken 03/21/20.
Construction underway to Fall 2024 rebuilds SR 836 and I-395 east from NW 17th Avenue to the MacArthur Causeway bridge along SR A1A. Photo taken 03/21/20.
Interstate 395 continues east from this point toward U.S. 1 (Biscayne Boulevard) and Miami Beach. I-95 heads south from SR 836 at OVerton along the west side of Downtown Miami. Photo taken 03/21/20.
The I-95 exit for NW 8th Street was the previous default route to the Port of Miami via NW 5th Street and SR 886 (Port Boulevard). SR 887 (Port Miami Tunnel) links SR 836 with the port directly via I-395 and SR A1A. Photo taken 03/21/20.


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