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Georgia 13 follows the Buford Spring Connector from U.S. 19 and Georgia 9 to Interstate 85 at Exits 86 and 87 in northeast Atlanta. Beyond I-85 and Georgia 400, Georgia 13 travels as an at-grade arterial (Buford Highway) to U.S. 23. The majority of the route northeast to Gainesville is cosigned with U.S. 23.

The stand alone portion of Georgia 13 in Atlanta lines the old Northeast Expressway, which parallels Interstate 85 from Midtown to Lindbergh. Georgia 13 represents the original alignment of I-85 through northeast Atlanta. It was replaced during the 1980s "Freeing the Freeways" mega project.

Original button copy signs along GA 13 were not replaced during the 1999-2000 resigning project of Georgia's Interstates. They eventually were on September 17, 2003.1

SR 13 originates at the U.S. 19 & SR 9 couplet of Spring and Peachtree Streets in Midtown Atlanta. The freeway circles west initially before turning northeast adjacent to the northbound lanes of I-85 as an at-grade, four lane freeway. The freeway is not easily accessed from Atlanta's freeway system. There is no direct ramp from Interstates 75 & 85 (Downtown Connector) to SR 13 and no signs reference the SR 13 freeway from the Downtown Connector either.

Further north on I-85 (Northeast Expressway), a direct ramp (Exit 86) provides access to SR 13 ahead of the Monroe Drive and Piedmont Road interchange. The freeway is accessible southbound from Interstate 85 as part of the three-wye interchange with SR 400.

A fire under the Interstate 85 elevated lanes at Piedmont Road on March 30, 2017 damaged the bridge system. A portion of the northbound viaduct collapsed while the southbound viaduct structure was compromised. Georgia 13 was also closed due to the close proximity of the fire to the Buford Spring Connector. Damaged portions of I-85 were rebuilt.

State Route 13 North
The northbound beginning of Georgia 13 from the Spring Street on-ramp. Spring Street (U.S. 19 & Georgia 9 north) flows north from Downtown Atlanta to Peachtree Street as a three lane arterial. The couplet of U.S. 19 & Georgia 9 converges one block further north, as the pair continue across both Georgia 13 and I-85 to Buckhead. 01/17/04
The northbound lanes of Georgia 13 arc westward, paralleling I-85 as it separates from I-75 at the Brookfield Interchange. U.S. 19 & Georgia 9 (Peachtree Street) span both freeways in this scene. 01/17/04
A second on-ramp from U.S. 19 & SR 19 adds traffic to SR 13 north just east of the Peachtree Street overpass. 08/22/03
The first northbound shield for Georgia 13 was posted after the Peachtree Street on-ramp. It was removed by 2009. 01/17/04
SR 13 occupies a narrow right-of-way between Interstate 85 and Peachtree Creek. Button copy signs formerly referenced SR 237 extending south from the upcoming ramps with Monroe Drive and Piedmont Road. The state route ends at SR 13. 08/22/03
The September 2003 sign replacement included the installation of new sign bridges and updated overheads. SR 237 was dropped from the right in right out (RIRO) style ramps for adjacent Monroe Drive. 01/17/04
Crossing the freeway in this scene is a pair of abandoned railroad overpasses. The second line was repurposed as the Interim Eastside BeltLine Trail. 08/22/03
One half mile ahead of the Monroe Drive off-ramp on Georgia 13 (Buford Spring Connector) north. An on-ramp merges onto Georgia 13 ahead from I-85 north. 01/17/04
The I-85 on-ramp forms a short auxiliary lane to the Monroe Drive exit. Georgia 237 was truncated north from Cheshire Bridge Road with the relocation of Georgia 13 from Piedmont Road onto the Northeast Expressway. 08/22/03
A loop ramp joins Piedmont Road (SR 237) north directly from SR 13 north. SR 237 follows Piedmont Road north 3.2 miles to U.S. 19 (Roswell Road) in Buckhead. 08/22/03
SR 13 (Buford Spring Connector) remains alongside I-85 north beside the three-wye interchange with SR 400 north. 08/22/03
The old Northeast Expressway transitions into Buford Highway beyond the ramp for Interstate 85 north. 08/22/03
Georgia 13 descends under Interstate 85 before intersecting Sidney Marcus Boulevard at Buford Highway. Sidney Marcus Boulevard connects the state route with Georgia 400 north through Buckhead. 08/22/03
State Route 13 South
A direct ramp joins Georgia 13 south with Interstate 85 south ahead of the Brookfield Interchange. The southbound freeway continues 0.75 miles to the first of two ramps for U.S. 19 & Georgia 9. 01/17/04
Georgia 13 reassurance marker posted at the Interim Eastside Beltline Trail overpass. 01/17/04
Georgia 13 partitions with the ramp to I-85 ahead of Peachtree Creek. I-85 proceeds southwest to the Downtown Connector. Georgia 13 ends in 1.3 miles at Spring Street (U.S. 19 south). 01/17/04

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